Gaffney Continues to Rant Against Brennan

Gaffney Continues to Rant Against Brennan January 18, 2013

I think making John Brennan the director of the CIA would be a big mistake because he was one of the apologists for the Bush torture regime. Frank Gaffney, firmly entrenched in the alternate reality of Planet Wingnuttia, thinks Brennan shouldn’t be CIA director because he loves Muslim terrorists. And he speaks Arabic.

Mr. Brennan is a textbook example of a U.S. official who has “gone native.” He speaks Arabic and was formerly the top CIA officer in Saudi Arabia. He has shown himself to be deeply sympathetic to Islamists — for example, excusing and dissembling about their commitment to jihad and the necessity of not offending them.

After President Obama himself, Mr. Brennan is, arguably, the single most important enabler of the Islamic supremacists’ agenda in government today. In his role as homeland security adviser to the president — a position that does not require Senate confirmation and that he was given as a consolation prize when it became clear that he might not be confirmable as CIA director back in 2009 — Mr. Brennan has helped legitimate, empower, fund, arm and embolden them abroad, and embraced and appeased them here at home.

Of particular concern is the fact that Mr. Brennan has presided over the policy of engaging the Muslim Brotherhood, which has consequently been portrayed by a politicized intelligence community as “largely secular” and “eschewing violence”; the shredding of training briefings and the proscribing of trainers that might upset Muslims by telling the truth about Shariah and the jihad it commands; the penetration of U.S. agencies by Muslim Brotherhood-associated individuals as employees or senior advisers; and misrepresentations to Congress about the true, jihadist character of the attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi this past Sept. 11…

Indeed, the fact that Mr. Obama seeks not one or two but three individuals who share his determination to achieve the radical and dangerous national security transformation he seeks in his second term demands that senators defy him. After all, should the Senate fail to object to this trajectory by rigorously debating and defeating any — and preferably all — of these problematic choices, its members risk not only allowing but becoming party to the realization of a world without America.

A world without America! The entire nation will vanish into thin air because of Obama and his evil Muslim minions! This is so stupid that it would be impossible to create a parody of it through exaggeration.

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  • Well, it would make the drive to Mexico shorter.

  • Wingnut logic:

    If our single biggest national security threat is originating in the Middle East, the last thing we want in a chief intelligence officer is someone familiar with the language and culture there.

    Also, “enabling” Osama Bin Laden into a burial at sea is bad for US security some how.

  • Moggie

    He speaks Arabic! Well, that settles it. America will only be safe when nobody in the CIA can understand what America’s enemies are saying.

    Only in Wingnuttia is being knowledgable a bad thing.

  • Moggie

    Huh, stupid cacheing problem. Ignore my #3, since d.c.wilson said it better.

  • shouldbeworking

    A world without America? I’ll miss you guys. Sniff… But, on the bright side, Hawaii will still be around and the beaches will be less crowded in January.

  • “A world without America”?

    Perhaps he and Obama will venture into the basement of the White House and turn the ancient Lost island wheel and move America?