Jones Throws Fit About Muslim Books in Library

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NCrazy) is throwing a fit about a grant given to a community college in his district to buy books about Muslim culture. And apparently he thinks that the only people who would possibly want to learn anything about Muslim culture are Muslims:

Craven Community College, a small school in New Bern, was recently awarded a small National Endowment for the Humanities grant. The money, enough for 25 books and a DVD, is intended to expand the library’s Muslim culture collection. Jones protested that the money was unfairly benefiting Muslims and harming Christians, as he explained in a local TV interview.

“I want to treat it fairly and I think too many times the Christian faith is not treated fairly,” Jones said. “If they want to have book about the Muslim’s faith, let’s have equal number of books about Judeo-Christian [faith].”

I’d be willing to bet that there are a hell of a lot more books about Christianity in that library than there are books about Islam. This is just Jones’ inherent anti-intellectualism combined with his desire to portray Christians as an unfairly persecuted minority (in North Carolina, for fuck’s sake!). In a poll taken locally, 62% of respondents said the school should refuse the grant. Because they don’t see no need for book learnin’.

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  • Reverend PJ

    Again I ask myself why I stay in the US.

  • Because obviously Americans should remain ignorant about roughly one-sixth of the world’s population, some of whose leaders control our access to that pure sweet, sweet crude to which our country is addicted like a meth-head is to his pipe.

    Even worse, those “books” may contain facts, such as not each and every of the one billion Muslims on the planet want to strap on a suicide vest and walk into a roomful of good, innocent Christianist children in a Sunday school class and blow them to smithereens in the name of their so-called god, or “Allah.”

  • Also, learning about Muslims and their history might lead some Americans to question whether some of those Muslims who so hate us have some reason other than our “freedumbs.”

  • jnorris

    New Bern is in Craven County NC, home of the community college. There’s a restaurant owner in new Bern who objects to gays eating in his place, but he only tells them after they eat and pay the bill.

    And yes there are way more Christian books in the library than Islam books.

  • danielkim

    I don’t understand his objection. If we are to effectively combat the threat of Islamic Hegemony, it is necessary to fully understand their culture. Otherwise, effective weapons of psychological warfare cannot be created.

    Naturally, a public institution must conceal the real agenda by presenting the collection of books in the benign terms of “diversity” and “understanding” to throw off suspicion by any sleeper agents.

  • Reverend PJ “Again I ask myself why I stay in the US.”

    Because that’s where are your stuff is.

  • Well, I’m not leaving. They’re the ones who keep threatening to secede whenever they don’t get their way. Let them move out.

  • shouldbeworking

    I can’t wait for his rant about books about France and Russia too. His head would explode if he knew there were science books in the library! Ignorance is bliss.

  • Larry

    danielkim sez

    I don’t understand his objection.

    There you go again, dk, thinking logically. Instead, you need to put on dunce’s cap and start considering this from the teabagger’s perspective. Logic and reality have no place there.

  • eric

    Jones protested that the money was unfairly benefiting Muslims and harming Christians

    Not only anti-intellectual in the liberal arts sense, but innumerate too. Money is fungible; a grant to buy books on Islam ALSO potentially increases Christian book purchases.

  • iangould

    Apart rm the target, this whole incident could have taken place 80 or 90 years ago – except that the target would have been books on Jewish culture.

    (If anything, my problem with the grant is that there’s no such thing as a single “Muslim culture.”)

  • kantalope

    For the funny? The library is the Godwin Memorial Library!

    Do your own searches on christianity and islam…the first hit for bible might just make Rep Jones’s head esplode

  • footface

    Ah, yes. The college of the craven community.

  • davidhart

    Well, I searched their database, and will share for those who don’t have the time. The first hit for ‘Christianity’ is by a paleontologist, which is quite amusing in the circumstances, but the first hit for ‘Islam’ is a book called ‘Abortion’. I honestly didn’t see that coming.

  • Karen Locke

    The notion that knowledge is power is lost on the very people who need to understand it the most.

  • Captain Mike

    @ Karen Locke: NEVER LET THEM LEARN THAT! They have a nasty tendency to use whatever power they can get to beat and bully.

  • atheist

    Oddly, Rep. Walter Jones has been a prominent voice calling for the US to engage Iran diplomatically. For instance, last February he and Muslim Representative Keith Ellison jointly circulated a congressional letter calling on President Obama to redouble US efforts toward a diplomatic agreement. Perhaps Mr. Jones feels oddly conflicted about this pro-peace stance? People can be hard to understand.

  • Hugo

    I just went to the Craven Community College Library electronic catalog. (Results are not judged by relevancy, merely by quantity).

    Searching by keyword, the results are:

    Christianity: 126

    Jesus: 81

    Bible: 133

    TOTAL: 340

    Judaism: 46

    Moses: 45

    Torah: 5

    TOTAL: 96

    Islam: 76

    Mohammad: 27

    Koran/Qur’an: 9 and 6, respectively.

    TOTAL: 128

    Now, since he said himself he wants to have a Judeo-Christian book for every book on Islam, then I propose the school be granted extra money to buy 306 books and 2 DVDs. Clearly 25 books and 1 DVD are not going to cut it for him.

    Don’t know how to link, but here it is.

  • Childermass

    25 books and a DVD is like nothing. I would expect a library of a small city to match that.

  • vmanis1

    `Judeo-Christian’ means `Christian’, unless you believe that Jesus simultaneously was and was not the Messiah.