Buehner: Officials Must ‘Remove’ Homosexuality ‘From the Land’

I’d not heard of Dave Buehner until a few weeks ago, when Right Wing Watch began reporting on the contents of the show he does with Kevin Swanson, Generations Radio. But he’s making a strong case for inclusion in the Westboro Baptist Church. First he says that homosexuality = cannibalism, now he says the government must remove homosexuality from the country entirely:

Buehner repeated his claims about homosexuality and claimed that homosexuals should be treated like rapists and murderers. He also urged Colorado legislators to “remove homosexuals from society, saying they’ll also pay the price at the golden gates if they don’t fall in line.”

Buehner maintained: “God’s law to the civil magistrate in terms of homosexuality says you should remove the abomination from the land, so that’s God’s instruction to the people who work up in the capitol who make our laws. That’s what they’re going to be held accountable for.”

Scott Lively must be beaming with pride.

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  • John Hinkle

    Colorado’s going to be empty if they remove anyone who doesn’t conform to the Old Testament laws. This Buehner guy is including all of God’s laws, right?

  • jnorris

    Its one thing to beat your gums and spew stupid on the radio to get the herd moving. Its another to advocate legislation that will never get out of committee in any legislature or Congress.

    So what Mr Buehner needs to do, if he is serious about ethnic cleansing, is sit down with a cadre of lawyers from the rightwing think tanks and actually create a step-by-step manual to do exactly what the wingnuts say the Atheists are doing to Christians. And no, Buehner can’t have our manual.

  • dingojack

    John Hinkle – I’m assuming that Buehner and his pals will be the only ones left in Colorado. A case of god’s laws for thee and not for me, methinks.


  • He must have watched some gay porn and misunderstood the injunction, “eat me”

    Which is a christian tradition apparently. As St Sam said, jesus was probably so irritated at the last supper and yelled “eat me!” at the disciples. Eventually that got re-rendered into “eat of my flesh…” That had some effect on catholicisim, I recall.

  • raven

    Looks like this guy is just upping the crazy.

    That is the problem with a religion that is separated from reality and drifting into cuckoo land.

    To get any attention you have to up the crazy. At some point anyone with a remotely normal mind just gets repulsed and stops paying attention.

    There is nothing positive or uplifting in the fundie perversion of xianity. It’s all hate, all the time.

  • Larry

    Sort of a Final Solution for The Gayz, no?

  • birgerjohansson

    Since gayness is present in….I dunno, all mammalian species? -all mammals + all bird species he will have to exterminate just about all life to make the place safe for Old Testamenters. Not even nuclear weapons will guarantee a success. Orbiting Death Star? Hire the Vogons?

  • I wonder what level of gay is redeemable. If you had an affair with that one guy in college, but otherwise have been involved with women, do you count as gay? What about the supposed ex-gay folks? Will they need to be removed, or is coming to Jesus enough to spare them?

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    I’m not worried that he’ll actually be able to do anything substantive. I just want to make sure that his words (and the [lack of] response by GOPers) are recorded and played back during the next election cycle.

  • congenital cynic

    Did I miss something here? I thought that Catholic communion = cannibalism (the wafer becomes a human/god/zombie bit of flesh). One of my better gay friends is a total vegan. He won’t even eat an egg, much less another human. The religious mind is an amazing thing. It always amazes me the extent to which these people can formulate these totally crazy notions and then expect others to buy their insane rants.

  • busterggi

    Can we assume that Buehner also wants to stone to death anyone who eats a cheeseburger or ham sandwich?

    I’d hate to think he’s cherry-picking the OT.

  • Matt G

    The Constitution is the law of the land, not the Bible. Repeat this until you get it through your thick skulls.

  • Since gayness is present in….I dunno, all mammalian species? -all mammals + all bird species he will have to exterminate just about all life to make the place safe for Old Testamenters. Not even nuclear weapons will guarantee a success. Orbiting Death Star?

    Now I know why the Kenyan Kommunist refused that petition to build a Death Star! It’s all about protecting teh gays.

  • bobcarroll

    To acomplish this end, it will take the Evil Beings from the planet Ploor!

  • dingojack

    Hey Dave* – first you should rid Colorado of all them nasty homonyms and homophones that are corrupting the precious bodily fluids of Colorado’s youth….



    * Too bad HAL is just sooooo gay:

    “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that. I know that you and Dr Poole were planning on expelling me from Colorado….” 🙂

  • Even if teh ghey is “eliminated” — whatever that means — Buehner will still have those fantasies about being in a gym shower room with Ronald Reagan.