Priebus Helps Birther Head of Alabama GOP

You may remember a few months back when Bill Armistead, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, publicly urged everyone to read Dreams From My Real Father, the book that claims Obama is a communist because his “real” father, Frank Marshall Davis, was one. That missive from crazy town isn’t preventing RNC Chairman Reince Priebus from attending a dinner for Armistead to help him keep his job as head of the state party:

It’s a little unusual, but the Alabama Republican Party has finally found not one, but two headliners for its annual Chairman’s Dinner on Feb. 1 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

The two are Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Priebus is described as the dinner’s special guest and Johnson as the keynote speaker…

Some saw Tuesday’s late announcement by Armistead that Priebus had accepted the invitation to attend the dinner as a sign that maybe Armistead had convinced the GOP national party chairman to support him.

Late last week Armistead announced that he was supporting Priebus for a second term as Republican Party Chairman. So far Priebus is unopposed for a second term but rumors have persisted for months that a challenger might step up.

A nice little quid pro quo, only one side in the exchange is a complete nutter. That doesn’t seem to bother Priebus in the least.

"If I've ever wanted something to come fast, the indictments are it."

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  • schweinhundt

    Over in Missouri, the GOP dumped its state chairman essentially because Republicans lost five out of the six elections for statewide offices. In an apparent nod to Poe’s Law, they chose one of those loosing candidates as the new chairman.

  • schweinhundt
  • joelperkin

    It’s awfully instructive where their priorities lie. They won’t help Mark Sanford because he had a sex scandal (not that I think he should get help), but they support birthers who refuse to tell the truth.

  • starskeptic

    Dreams From My Real Father is a DVD – not soon to be a book. In my part of Colorado, independent voters were getting targeted with mailers of this leading up to election day.

  • I think we need another term besides “birther” for the proponents of the Frank Marshall Davis or the Malcolm X parentage theory. Since there’s no question that both Davis and Malcolm X were US citizens, these theories completely undercut one the birther’s key beliefs, that Obama is not a natural born citizen since his father wasn’t a US citizen. It also substantially weakens the claim that Obama was born in Kenya, since if Barack Obama Sr was not the father, than Ann Dunham would have had little reason to travel to his village just to give birth.

    Of course, these people are so nuts they probably believe all of these theories are true, even though they directly contradict themselves.

  • chilidog99

    d.c., “birther” will do just fine. It’s all about the smear.

  • “I think we need another term besides “birther” for the proponents of…”.

    I prefer, “Lying sacks-of-shit, braindead RWA dickwad, douchebag motherfuckers”, ymmv.

  • llewelly


    Of course, these people are so nuts they probably believe all of these theories are true, even though they directly contradict themselves.

    The bible gives two different pedigrees for Joseph. No importance would be assigned to these pedigrees if Joseph was not a father of Jesus. Therefor, Jesus had two fathers. Not only that, multiple fatherhood ran in the family. And, to everyone except the Mormons and the Arians, Jesus was his own father!

    If the inheritance of Jesus can be so convoluted, why not the inheritance of Obama? After all, if the Anti-Christ cannot compete with the Christ, the Anti-Christ won’t be a credible antagonist.