Unintentional Comedy Gold in Vegas

My friend Juliet is in Las Vegas covering the Adult Video News awards and trying out as many terrible motels as she can find (she owns the site Murder Motels and generally revels in the seedy side of things). So she and her friend go into a bar where a singer/guitar player is performing and, well, I’ll let her tell the story:

One minute, you’re listening to a sad singer/songwriter, disheartened because the crowd would rather here “Don’t Stop Believing” than his original composition. I mean, even at the end of the night, some slapdick was pulling money out of his tip jar yelling at him to just play the goddamn Journey.

To make things even weirder, Dennis Rodman walks in, sits down next to them, hits on them and then goes up on stage to fuck up the guy’s act, make a spectacle of himself and put on one of the most horrifying — in an “I can’t stop watching this train wreck” kind of way — display of unintentional comedy you’ve ever seen. Or as she puts it, he “leads us all in a bizarre medley… starting with Pearl Jam, to commemorate the fact that even he is incredulous about the fact that he is still alive.” Here’s the video:


"Yeah, like driving all those motherfucking snakes out of motherfucking Ireland!"

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