Egyptian Man Arrested for Blasphemy in Kuwait

Here’s yet another example of an atheist being arrested for blasphemy, this time in Kuwait, though the man who has been arrested is Egyptian. His friends call him Ben Baz, but his full name is Abdel Aziz Mohamed Albaz. He has a blog, written in Arabic, about religion and secularism. Michael Nugent has the details:

Abdel Aziz Mohamed Albaz, also known as Ben Baz, is a 27 year old Egyptian atheist, with a degree in commerce, working in Kuwait, who blogs about secularism and religion.

Ben Baz was arrested two weeks ago on charges of blasphemy. A hearing has been scheduled for 28 February.

Kuwait’s legislature passed a harsher blasphemy law last year, with death for Muslims and 10 years in prison for non-Muslims convicted of it, but the ruling Emir vetoed it. Such laws are inherently barbaric and unjust. A Facebook page has been started to advocate for Baz’s freedom.

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  • John Hinkle

    It would be nice if Albaz’s lawyer started the hearing with, “If we could being, Your Honor, with solid evidence for the existence of God, I think we could wrap this up very quickly and still have time for a few jokes.”

    Unfortunately, that would probably be followed with, “What do you mean I’m under arrest?”

  • Trebuchet

    So is it Pakistan or Kuwait? Regardless, it’s disgusting.

  • tsig

    Maybe the defense could call god to the witness stand to testify that he felt blasphemed.

    (“What do you mean I’m under arrest?”)

  • starskeptic

    It’s Kuwait – don’t know where Pakistan comes in…

  • bradleybetts

    Or perhaps just stand up and say “Wha…what’s that, Allah? Oh, Ok. Er, Judge? Allah has just informed me that he is not offended in the slightest, and said to tell you to stop being an idiot and let my client go. Allahu Akhbar.

    …What do you mean I’m under arrest?”