Phillips Goes for the Gold in the 100 Meter Hyperbole Event

Are the Koch brothers secretly offering a billion dollars to whichever wingnut can spew the most outrageous and hyperbolic rhetoric about Obama? That may be the only explanation for the fact that so many of these people keep trying to one up each other. This statement from Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation should contend for the money:

John Boehner and the House Republicans cannot seem to grasp the idea that Barack Obama does not simply want his name to go down on his agenda like Johnson did on the Great Society or Roosevelt did on the New Deal. Barack Obama wants to destroy America.

Underneath that grey hair lies the heart of the young anti-American Marxist that went to Occidental and Columbia. He still believes in disarming America, just as he did as a young man. He still believes America is the focus of evil in the modern world, just as he did then.

Yeah, that would explain why he’s using drones to kill untold numbers of innocent people around the world. And refused to prosecute anyone for torture. Because he believes America is the focus of evil in the modern world and he’s setting out to prove it.

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