Barber and Staver: Obama Causing Civil War

One meme we are seeing spread rapidly among the religious right these days is that we’re headed toward civil war because of Obama. The insurance mandate will lead to civil war, or same-sex marriage, or gun control proposals. Matt Barber and Mat Staver pushed that meme on their radio show recently.

Barber pointed to some non-existent parallels between today and the pre-Civil War era, saying:

We find ourselves in a position where many of our freedoms, as was the case back then, many freedoms of American citizens are being eroded, being taken away, being rolled back, and they ended up having a violent revolution in order to do the right thing back then.

Actually, the opposite is true. The ones arguing that that big bad federal government was taking away their rights — the exact same argument Barber and Staver are making today — and that only a war could stop that tyranny from happening were the southern states that seceded. And just as then, the “right” they were asserting was actually the authority to deny equal rights to other people — slaves then, gay people and women and non-Christians today.


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  • gshelley

    Was he seriously arguing that fighting to retain the right to keep slaves was the “right thing to do” or was he pushing the myth that the cause was “states rights” other than the right to keep slaves?

  • Glenn E Ross AKA HeartlessB

    We find ourselves in a position where many of our freedoms privileges, as was the case back then, many freedoms privileges of American white, male citizens are being eroded, being taken away, being rolled back, and they ended up having a violent revolution in order to do the right thing protect our privileges back then.

    Fixed it.

  • leftwingfox

    Sounds like an abusive husband. “You made me do this!”

  • Randide, O che sciagὺra d’essere scenza coglioni!

    I just can’t quite seem to put my finger on why it is that these people take one look at Obama and immediately think of starting another Civil War. There must be something about him…

  • An shiny, new Internets for Glenn E Ross AKA HeartlessB, and honorable mention to Randide, O che sciagὺra d’essere scenza coglioni!.

  • matty1

    I don’t get it, if the people doing the right thing were the ones who revolted to keep slavery then they lost, if they are they are the ones who opposed slaver (and won) then they were the government not a revloution.

  • dingojack

    Randle – not ‘d’essere senza coglioni’ I see.


  • dingojack

    Maaty – ‘treason never prospers….’


  • Pierce R. Butler

    It’s inspiring to see True Patriots lining up to fight and die to protect the rights of well-armed gays to defy mandates for corporate health insurance.

  • anubisprime

    Pattern forming here…

    Wingnuts-R-Uz are all frothing and waxing lyrical about the doubtful claim that they are going to be imminently relieved of their play things, like tomorrow, and while that is causing a smelling salt hoot & hanny waltz amongst the faithful now there is talk of civil war…presumably before they lose their guns tomorrow apparently!

    And could they please get the entitlement, via the 2nd amendment, to a few M1 Abrams and a whole flock of ‘F-22 Raptors’ complete with Maverick or AIM-120D’s to be fair.

    They is girding their raggedy loins for a bit of armed resistance by the shape of things!

  • slc1

    Re anubisprime

    Nah, 15 megaton bombs.

  • Crudely Wrott

    We need to find out who manufactures teh Mathews’ irony meters . . . and avoid that brand like the plague.

    Freedom and equality seems to mean for them, apparently, a super-special reserved right to focus discrimination and hatred on their chosen cohort(s) of humanity while denying everyone else the authority of being able to point out the fact that they have ducked their heads just as the salient points passed by. WHOOSH!

  • Rip Steakface

    slc, you have some strange obsession with specifically 15 megaton bombs. One, there has been your infamous comments about how “everything that’s wrong with Iran could be solved with a few well-placed 15 megaton bombs,” and now here’s something else about them which I don’t quite understand.

    I mean, the only 15 megaton device (not even a weapon!) ever detonated was Castle Bravo (Ivy Mike was close, around 10 to 12 megatons). Other than that, almost the entire US nuclear arsenal uses warheads with sub-megaton yields, in order to fit onto MIRVs. Even the bomber-based weapons use sub-megaton warheads with variable yields. Other than Castle Bravo, the only bigger device made was Tsar Bomba and its gigantic 50Mt yield (which was downscaled from 100!).

  • anubisprime

    slc1 @ 11

    Nah, 15 megaton bombs.

    That would be the first armed deployment they would have already used on teh gheys and atheists and liberal communist lovin’ govermint’ types in the main cities that don’t vote republican….the F 22’s and Abrams would be to kick the shite out of any dissent to their rule from the next county over!…of course if they had Abrams and F 22’s as well things get interesting to see who the good lawd’ smiles his benevolence upon!

  • Why is it that when I hear right wing nutjobs starting talking about a new civil war it doesn’t sound like a warning but more of a longing? It’s like they just can’t wait to get the opportunity to shoot and kill people who disagree with them. It’s the same way when they talk about the Rapture. They have some very sick revenge fantasies.

  • greenspine

    Ouabache, let’s not forget the persistent 2nd-amendment jack-off fantasists’ dream of having a (presumably young, presumably black) gang member break into their house late at night so they can finally get to kill someone with one of their several semi-auto rifles. I swear, that’s 90% of what’s behind the Glenn Beck Fan Club’s desire to have their own military arsenal: the slight chance that they might get to shoot a black or Mexican man and get away with it.