Wilson: Obama May Take Guns from Anti-Gay Activists!

Buster Wilson of the American Family Association throws another conspiracy theory on the raging fire that right wingers use to warm themselves with, but he’s just asking “what if” Obama does something like take guns away from anti-gay activists like him:

Wilson: What if the Attorney General, and listen the reason I say this might happen is because if you remember the first report put out by the Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, when the President became President of the United States, she put out a paper talking about the people who are the categories of people who might be homegrown terrorists. In that list she put people who believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, people who believe in pro-life issues, people who don’t believe in having illegal aliens here, they put a lot of good, decent categories of people in that paper. Well here’s what number four says, the Attorney General can put who he wants to on the list of people who are too dangerous to get guns. What if he decides radio talk show hosts who don’t believe in gay marriage, they’re dangerous, so they shouldn’t get guns; what about pastors who preach against abortion and homosexuality, they’re too dangerous get guns; that could happen.

Of course, he’s lying about almost everything here. That report on domestic terrorism was pretty much complete when Obama and Napolitano took office. It was done by the Bush administration and was pretty much identical to the information the FBI routinely shares with law enforcement agencies about domestic threats. And the 4th recommendation from Obama on guns did not say that the attorney general could put anyone he wants on the list of people who can’t get gun licenses. It only instructs the attorney general to review the categories. Right Wing Watch points out some of the other distortions:

The 2009 report [PDF], which concentrates on racist and anti-government militias, only mentions abortion in a single footnote as an example of how violent actions can be driven by a single issue, such as the bombings of clinics or the murder of abortion doctors. The only references to the Second Coming or Christianity are to the racist, anti-Semitic Christian Identity movement – whose members have engaged in violence – and a note about how End Times and doomsday prophesies have in the past radicalized certain individuals or groups.

As for immigration, the DHS only addresses the connection between anti-immigrant militarism and hate crimes against Hispanics, like violent border vigilantes, not political activism on illegal immigration.

The author of the report, Daryl Johnson, is actually an anti-choice, Mormon gun owner and a Republican. His warnings were prescient – right-wing extremists recently committed a massacre in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and a shooting at the Holocaust Museum.

But those are facts, which Wilson and the wingnuts are allergic to.

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  • marcus

    “But those are facts, which Wilson and the wingnuts are allergic impervious to.

  • jnorris

    All Wilson & Ilk need do is STFU with the gay hatred and no one will know they hate gays and they keep their guns. Is that too simple for Tea Party to understand or too hard for them to do?

  • DaveL

    In that list she put people who believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ

    Er… you mean “Christians”? I mean, what with the whole Nicene creed, “shall come again to judge the living and the dead” thing.

  • whheydt

    Well…there certainly has been talk about keeping guns out of th hands of the the–potentially violent–mentally ill. *That* category could describe a lot of the right wing “anti-” activists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/den.wilson d.c.wilson

    Gee, with half the right wing nut jobs talking about secession, starting a new civil war, or both, I can’t imagine why anyone would think they a potentially violent.

  • http://dododreams.blogspot.com/ John Pieret

    What if he decides radio talk show hosts who don’t believe in gay marriage, they’re dangerous, so they shouldn’t get guns …

    The phrase “it’s a start” springs to mind.

  • John Hinkle

    All I can say is, Obama is one massive procrastinator. If he doesn’t get crackin’ on all the evil he’s supposed to unleash, he’s going to have to “dictator” himself a third term. Oh shit, I said too much!