Avicenna Needs a ‘Puter

Our brilliant new blogger, Avicenna of A Million Gods, just had his laptop bite the dust. He needs a new one. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare and want to help out, you can do so here. It’s the first time I’ve ever sent anything by Paypal in pounds rather than dollars. I feel kinda special.

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  • http://motherwell.livejournal.com/ Raging Bee

    How do we know he won’t spend the money on shoes?

  • http://withinthismind.com/ WithinThisMind

    Or worse, on a Mac?

  • http://freethoughtblogs.com/amilliongods/ Avicenna

    I can spend the money on shoes. Not for me but for those who need it. There are people who never wear shoes in their entire lives.

    The way I teach that is simple. Go outside and walk across the road with no shoes. It “bloody hurts”.

    Also? I am hoping the laptop gets here before February the 5th.

    I am going to Allahabad to report on the Greatest Show on Earth (The biggest religious festival in the world is currently going on in Allahabad. The Kumbh Mela. And this year is one of the most sacred days in the century…)