Rush: Obama to Cancel 2014 Election, Hand Nation to China

Erik Rush is back with yet another of his hysterically overwrought columns, claiming again that Obama is going to give land in the United States to China in exchange for canceling debts (showing he doesn’t understand how such debt works at all), in order to bring American “under the heel of communism.”

This week, I presented substantiation to the aforementioned reports, much to the fear and consternation of most people who became apprised of this phenomenon. Referencing sources that have proven reliable in the past, I cited such things as Chinese military operatives engaging in clandestine “research” within U.S. borders, and assessments of land and resources having been conducted by China in recent years, all with the administration’s approval.

All of this falls well within the parameters of Barack Obama’s long-standing desire to bring America down, as it were, punishing the American people for centuries of enjoying the spoils of imperialism, colonialism, and oppression, as well as finally bringing this nation under the heel of communism.

Uh, yeah. His “substantiation” of those reports was an anonymous source he won’t identify even in general terms, like how they could possibly be in a position to know such things. He identifies them only as an “international business interest.” But he’s just getting started. Did you know that it’s China who is pushing Obama to take away our guns?

Thus – which came as an outrage, but no surprise to many – it is the Chinese government that is lobbying Obama to disarm the American public. They foresee a time when there will be widespread anger against them for their role in this obscene arrangement, and would rather not have to militarily engage armed Americans over land or resources that they will control, some of which is in America’s heartland. Some perceive Obama’s spirited pursuit of gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre as typical knee-jerk liberal opportunism, but it is far more than that.

Uh, evidence please? Oh, sorry. You don’t know what that is.

Obama’s definitely high on power, but I wouldn’t count on him paying any price for his policy escapades; considering the course America is on at the moment, there may not be a midterm election in 2014 at all.

Would you care to bet on that, Mr. Rush? Any amount of money you’d care to name.

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  • brianwestley

    I don’t think he’d take that bet, he’d only get paid in yuan.

  • You should bet him a low interest rate bond, and then out of nowhere take his house.

  • I heard that the Chinese were going to open in the U.S. a large facility to make mirrors for solar energy.

    Maybe they’re just looking for a suitable factory site.

    Or, you know, where they’re going to put the jointly operated FEMA/Red Guard prisons.

  • Glenn E Ross AKA HeartlessB

    I miss the days when Eric Rush would have been furiously cranking out his missives on a secondhand mimeograph machine and then mailing them to his 17 subscribers. With the advent of the internet a larger group of nuts have access to the same paranoid information bubble, giving themselves the illusion that they are more numerous than they really are.

  • cry4turtles

    Why are wingnuts so obsessed with China? Jealous much?

  • shoeguy

    I heard Limbaugh’s Chinese secret information source is General Tso.

  • shouldbeworking

    So after Obama has handed the US over to china, he can immigrate to Canada and stand for Parliament when he qualifies for citizenship. We don’t mind the fact that he was born in a foreign country called the USA.

  • iangould

    China bought US Treasury bonds during the GFC to assist the US Treasury in financing its various bail-outs.

    For the last couple of years China has been selling Treasury bonds.

  • ospalh

    It’s really annoying when people don’t even know how modern dictatorships work.

    Canceling elections‽ Why?

    Even f[eep]ing North Korea has “elections”.

    “Elections”, that is, where you don’t even dare glance at the pen that you could, in theory, if the pen was working at all, use to cast a vote against the Party. If you like living in a prison camp. But “elections” nonetheless.

    And why would a dictator-president care about congressional elections, anyway? Shouldn’t it be “there may not be an election in 2016 at all”‽

  • Why are wingnuts so obsessed with China? Jealous much?

    No unions. No labor laws. No environmental regulations. The media is carefully controlled so that only one point of view is allowed. You can’t tell where the corporations end and the government begins.

    It’s wingnut paradise.

  • Rip Steakface

    No environmental regulations

    I’d like to note the “at least we can’t chew our air” segment on The Daily Show last night.

  • theignored

    Could someone tell me why these religious/conservative types are so fucked-in-the-head?

    Seriously. One would think that someone blathering all this bullshit without evidence other than “anonymous” sources would be called out on it right away.

    Instead the wing nut daily people keep on swallowing this stuff.

  • theignored

    Yes, I know that this article is in the “Canada Free Press”, not the WND, but this guy is a WND writer, is he not?

    “Canada Free Press…Because Without America There Is No Free World”?

    The hell? Then call it the “AMERICA free press”, idiots!