Another Psychic Arrested for Fleecing Clients

Another “psychic” has been arrested for defrauding clients, this time in Crestline, California. This time the “psychic” told a client that she could remove a spirit that had attached itself to her if she brought her more than $9000 in cash in particular denominations:

Cindy Uwanawich, 56, was arrested Friday after the self-proclaimed psychic allegedly didn’t return an undetermined amount of money to a client in December, according to a sheriff ’s press release.

Uwanawich, who operates The Psychic Door on Lake Drive, invited the alleged victim to the psychic’s home on Dec. 17, where the victim paid the psychic $50 for two readings, the release said.

The psychic told the victim that she had the spirit of a person who had drowned attached to her, and if she gave Uwanawich nine pennies, nine nickels, nine dimes, nine quarters and $9,000 for nine days, the spirit would be removed, officials said.

As always, I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, this woman is clearly a fraud and that is what she committed. On the other hand, it’s really no different than a prosperity gospel preacher telling his followers that God will heal them if they just “plant their seed of faith” by giving them money. And that’s not so different from any other false religious claim, which puts the government in the business of deciding which religious claims are true and which are false. And that’s a very dangerous thing (not to mention unconstitutional).

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