NBA Star Talks About His Two Mothers

Kenny Faried is one of my favorite players in the NBA. He’s this generation’s Ben Wallace, came out of a small school and just plays with a ferocity and relentlessness that is great to watch. And guess what? He has two lesbian mothers. And he made a video with them in support of marriage equality in Colorado (he plays for the Denver Nuggets).


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  • Brandon

    I love watching Faried play and I like him even more after seeing that. It’s great that pro sports are ceasing to be a haven for homophobia. Whether they should or shouldn’t, guys like Faried, Kluwe, and Ayanbadejo have power to influence culture, especially among kids.

  • jws1

    @#1: You make a great point, but it is overstated; no kid idolizes a fucking punter (Kluwe). Messages like this mean more when coming from athletes that casual fans are aware of, and I am unaware of any actual “stars” (Faried is not a star) saying things like this. It means more coming from someone like LeBron, or Peyton, or Pujols. Someone who isn’t an easily replaceable roster filler. Does anyone know of any major, actual, star (and not an also-ran) making public stands like this?

  • jws1

    And Ed: This generation’s Ben Wallace is named David West and he plays for the Pacers. On second thought, maybe I’m wrong – West can actually score and would never shove another player in the chest-throat area, inciting a melee and getting a slap on the wrist for it.

  • Brandon

    Sure, fair enough that kids don’t idolize punters, but I didn’t really say they did. Someone doesn’t have to be an idol to push culture, and we’re in an era where pretty much any athlete automatically has a voice that’s going to be heard. Sure, it’s not as loud as it would be with a star, but there’s probably a lot of teens that can identify with Kluwe pretty easily, on a number of levels (he’s a gamer). It’s a big deal for someone like that to stand up.

    I don’t think there’s a lot of bigtime national stars that have come with a pro-equality message, but there’s a number of guys that resonate in their locales that have spoken up. Matt Cain and Antonio Cromartie come to mind. The biggest star to support marriage equality is probably Steve Nash.

    I don’t see the Wallace-West comparison at all. West’s a solid defender and rebounder, but no one would confuse him for a game changer there. West’s an excellent pick and roll and pick and pop player, while Wallace had essentially no offensive game at all.

    The guy I’d actually compare Faried to is Buck Williams.

  • wilsim

    I like Faried even more now. This, however, is like rubbing salt into the 2011 NBA Draft wound anew… dang blazers passing on Faried to take Nolan Smith.

  • @jws1

    Here’s the You Can Play project with vids of stars, coaches, and other athletes who are speaking out for LGBT rights (including the right to participate in a supportive environment).

  • jws1

    Brandon: Steve Nash! Yet another reason to root for him…

    Thanks Ibis3