Enyart Settles Trademark Infringement Suit With NPR

Bob Enyart, who is a true wingnut’s wingnut, has settled a trademark infringement suit filed by NPR over the name of his radio show. Enyart called his show Real Science Friday and NPR sued him for infringing on their trademark for the Science Friday show. He’s now renamed his show Real Science Radio to settle the case.

Arvada pastor and radio host Bob Enyart changed the name of his talk show about science this month to settle a lawsuit filed by the creators of “Science Friday” on NPR.

Enyart’s newly named “Real Science Radio” program had been called “Real Science Friday,” which led to him being sued in November for trademark infringement and cybersquatting in New York state and federal courts by ScienceFriday Inc.

“Science Friday” representatives said the similarity in names was confusing people and detouring them to Enyart’s website, kgov.com.

“We changed the name of our program to settle the trademark suit,” Enyart told The Denver Post Monday. “It was settled to the satisfaction of all parties. It’s a confidential settlement. That’s all I can say.”

I’ve tangled with Enyart before, long before this blog began. He used to have a TV show on many Christian networks and I called in a time or two. He’s one of those guys who can look into a camera and repeat the most egregious nonsense with total confidence, which is highly appealing to fundamentalist types. He’s incredibly extreme on nearly every issue. He thinks anti-abortion groups like Right to Life are too moderate and squishy.

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