Jackson: God is ‘Taking Out’ Fake Christians After Election

As Right Wing Watch notes, Bishop Harry Jackson before the election predicted that Obama would lose because “black and Hispanic Christians will put Romney ahead.” Oops. Obama received the overwhelming support of black and Hispanic voters. So now he has a new explanation: God is going to “take out” those Christians who are part of the “false church” as a result of the election.


"If I've ever wanted something to come fast, the indictments are it."

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  • Yes, but you see he is wearing a purple suit. That ought to be worth something right there. And a pink tie too.

  • Is he now a false profit?

  • raven

    So where all these piles of tens of millions of dead Fake Xians.

    Or were they just poofed straight to hell.

    How often do you have to be wildly wrong before xians stop trusting you? Seems like it has to be a few centuries at least. After all people still pay attention to billionaire Pat Robertson and he is always wrong.

  • jnorris

    When and how exactly?

  • Christoph Burschka

    You see, God can tell how you voted in a secret election, but he can neither read your mind nor your voter registration card, so he needs to wait for the actual election to be sure where to aim the lightning.

  • LightningRose

    Well, as an atheist and certainly not a member of a Xian church, false or otherwise, I guess I don’t have to worry about any bronze age sky fairies “taking me out”.

    And as a self designated Pope, I certainly outrank any self designated Bishop.

  • sugarfrosted

    Re: ignoring pages in the Bible.

    Tell me Mr. Jackson, do you eat shrimp? would you stone your child to death for talking back? Are medical professionals sinning by working on Sundays?

    The thing is even the most staunchest of biblical literalists disregard parts of the bible. So anyone complaining about people ignoring parts of the bible is a hypocrite. I suspect though he may be counting on his audience not reading the entirety of the bible.

  • baal

    Notice the 7-mountains bit. That’s the rhetoric of the dominionists and includes Bush the lesser’s backers and Rick Perry. These are the same people who pushed the christinization (evangelical preferred sects) of the US Military. It’s scary the they also include killing rhetoric as part of the means (tool kit) they’ll use to promote their goals.

  • freemage

    sugarfrosted: While I don’t disagree with you, you do need to be aware that bad examples of this won’t work well. FREX: “Eating shrimp” is one of the things that Paul (formerly Saul) expressly re-wrote into acceptability, while still condemning homosexuality and several other Leviticus-era rules. You need to concentrate on the stuff Paul wrote (the acceptability of slavery, for instance, or the proper hair length of men and whether or not it’s acceptable for women to attend church without a hat on) when showing that cherry-picking is still going on.

  • I remember in the late 60s and early 70s hearing the xianists of the time quoting the bible to try to prove that men should have short hair and women shouldn’t wear pants. Both times they used Leviticus. Now, apparently, those passages are included in the ones jeebus told them they can ignore.

    A few months ago I saw Jennifer Roback Morse in person and she was wearing pants. They don’t even seem to try to be consistent.

    I’ve always wondered why these shows have black audience members when they have a black guest and they are white when the guest is white. Do these guys bring in their own audiences.

    The host again is Perry Stone. I would rather have multiple root canals without drugs than listen to his voice for more than a minute.

  • God as the ultimate ward heeler?

    Do they have such a low opinion of their god or are they just stupid? (/rhetorical question)

  • fastlane

    I wonder if he’s wearing mixed fibers…..?

  • So Jackson, if God does take out hundreds of thousands of self-described Christians, how would we know that he wasn’t rapturing them and you’re the fake Christians being “left behind”, hmm?

    Though personally, I’m hoping you are the ones who get raptured, because I’d hate to spend the End Times with assholes like you.

  • Crudely Wrott

    Jackson at about 1:20 —

    . . . I’m not going to get political . . .

    –while he’s talking politics.

    Why does my head hurt and where did this dent in my desk come from?

  • Rodney Nelson

    Shorter Jackson: The wrong guy won the election and I was so sure God would have the right guy win. WAAAAHHHH!

  • “So now he has a new explanation: God is going to “take out” those Christians who are part of the “false church” as a result of the election.”

    I wonder if Jackson has borrowed some magical underoos and a kevlar vest?

  • hunter

    If God is going to be taking out fake Christians, Jackson better be watching his back.

  • glodson

    I can’t actually watch the video right now, but I’m just going to assume that by “taking out,” he means that god is going to take all those fake and totally not True Christians out for a nice dinner to discuss the finer points of the intersection of religious and civic duties.

    Sounds totally like the imaginary deity we all know from the Old Testament.

  • If the self-important bloviating doesn’t work, it’s time for the divine-revenge fantasies. Poor bastard must be so upset he’ll be finding it hard to masturbate himself to sleep over high school yearbooks at night.* After all, there HAS to be a plan for Sky Wizard to mind-control people so they vote the way he wants, right?

    *Not intended to be a factual statement, as John Kyl once said.