Fischer: Gays Responsible for Women Dying in Combat

Bryan Fischer makes utterly moronic arguments every day, but this one may take the cake. It seems that “Big Gay” will be responsible for reinstating the draft and sending your daughters to die in wars because the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will deter so many straight men from joining the military.


Never mind that there hasn’t been any problem with recruiting since the DADT repeal. Those are facts and Fischer and his followers simply don’t care about facts.

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  • I find it offensive that he thinks the bulk of heterosexuals are as easily frightened as he is.

  • cswella

    So gays not joining the military will be the cause of men dying in combat?

  • had3

    I wish he were right! Maybe then we wouldn’t be as callous with the lives of our young. It’s unfortunate that our daughter’s lives would somehow be more valuable than our sons, but I’m at the point that I’m happy to take whatever means necessary to stop our warmongering.

  • ajb47

    And here I thought it would be all the bullets and explosions that would be responsible for women dying in combat.

  • Never mind that there hasn’t been any problem with recruiting since the DADT repeal.”

    Isn’t there? Isn’t there? Everybody knows that no American Patriots® are signing up any more. They’ve all gone to AM radio instead to carp about how not-manly the military they can’t be bothered to serve in is now.*


    * Like Fisher, who would have served in Vietnam, but knew that in the future it’d be full of gayhomos and ladyparts, much as his Civil War predecessors stood on the sidelines of that war, shouting about how weak the country will be once black people got to, you know, not be property.

  • rx7ward

    The intersection of misogyny and homophobia, illustrated.

  • glodson

    I can only imagine that he outlines what he says before hand, and seeks to find the most horrible things to say. It cannot be just an accident.

  • I haven’t watched the video, but I suspect bringing daughters into it is about invoking a feeling of violation of paternalist control over daughters, rather than about the draft violating the daughters’ freedom.

  • eric

    the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will deter so many straight men from joining the military.

    Yeah, the relatively high chance of death, relatively low pay, practically 24-hour 7-day on call requirement, the requirement that you kill or directly support the killing of other people, the fact that your employer can prevent you from quitting, and the fact that your employer has its own private justice system has nothing to do with it.

  • shouldbeworking

    And the employer has very detailed dress codes too.

  • jnorris

    Bronze Dog, the bulk of heterosexuals are not as easily frightened as he is, only the one locked in his compound reading Barton’s history books.

  • So, you won’t let your son join the scouts or the army anymore because they let gays in, but big gay are the bigots?

  • It seems that there will be a big enough loophole if the Boy Scouts allow gay scouts and leaders that many troops could seek the aegis of a church in order to avoid gays. As it is there are many, many troops that are already associated with churches that will be able to ignore the decision.

    The troops who do allow gay scouts and leaders will be better off and will have a broader, more accepting view of humanity.

    The Religious Right seems to rely on people being stupid as shit. Like those who think pregnant women seeking an abortion don’t know that there is a future baby inside until they see their forced ultrasounds. Like the members of the SF 49ers who had no idea that the It Gets Better video they made was about LGBT people. Fisher thinks that the straight future military recruits don’t have a clue what gay means and they will be repelled when the RR explains it to them. I don’t think I would want a military full of bigots like them.

    The military was having problems getting new recruits several years ago and they had to lower the requirements and allow less-educated and more criminically-inclined people to be allowed in.

    By the way I met Big Gay on a chat line. When we met in person I was disappointed to find that Big Gay was a reference to his height.

  • Taz

    The number of women dying in war as combatants will continue to be much smaller than the number of women dying in war as non-combatants.

  • dugglebogey

    Fischer can’t conceive of a world where young people are not as homophobic as him.

    Young people are smarter I think. They realize that being so homophobic just means that you’re gay.