NOM Invents Religious Groups Forced to Hold Same-Sex Marriages

The National Organization for Marriage’s Rhode Island affiliate took out an ad in local newspapers around that state recently to argue against marriage equality that said, among other things, “Religious groups like Knights of Columbus have been forced to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their facilities, against their beliefs.” PolitiFact asked them to document this claim and — surprise, surprise — it turned out to be a lie.

We contacted the marriage group, whose regional coordinator, Christopher Plante, e-mailed us various incidents summarized in its blog and links to others.

Only one involved the Knights of Columbus. And that was in Canada…

NOM made a strongly worded claim on the eve of a key vote that was meant to influence voters — and their legislators.

We can’t predict what could happen under same-sex marriage laws in the future.

But we can rule on claims that are so far from the truth. The judges rule Pants on Fire.

How shocking.

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  • NOM lies. Imagine my surprise.

  • MikeMa

    I added this on the post from yesterday where Providence, RI was the lowest ranked (read best) in babble reading.

    Just in this morning from the Providence Journal reporting on marriage equality:

    What we’re saying here is that the civil dimension of marriage ought to be open to any two people who love and care for one another, and want to be in a committed relationship. What the religious dimension is, is then defined within the context of any particular faith tradition.

    Well said. The bigots (Plante is quoted in the article) disagree but that was a statement from the Rhode Island Council of Churches.

  • freemage

    Much like the claims of Sharia Law being invoked in American courts, the examples of religious groups being forced to host same-sex ceremonies usually fall apart upon examination. The closest they’ve got is the case of the waterfront pavilion in Ocean Grove, NJ. And the reason the church lost that case was because they were getting a tax exemption for the property specifically on the grounds that it was open to the public. So if the churches would just learn to stop being parasites on the public purse, maybe they’d be less likely to find their ‘morality’ in conflict with their cash-flow.

  • glodson

    Wait, they have to lie to try and make their false premise seem true? I’m shocked!

  • I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that an organization with NOM’s pedigree would fabricate a story in order to advance its agenda. What’s the world coming too when you can no longer trust a far right religious organization to tell the truth?

  • busterggi

    The Knights of Columbus is a religious group? What, do they hold rituals on the bar & pool tables?

  • jnorris

    busterggi, ever beer they open is a sacrifice onto God!

  • daniellavine


    KoC is a fraternal organization specifically for Catholics.

  • In the 80s anti-gay crusader-idiot Paul Cameron was in Omaha to fight an anti-discrimination law that was being considered. The debate lasted several days.

    One night Paul announced that a twelve-year-old boy had his penis chopped off by a gay man in a shopping mall restroom and nearly died.

    The police and the shopping mall owners investigated the claim. They even checked all of the local hospitals. They could find nothing even remotely like this case.

    When Paul was confronted with the facts the next day, he confidently replied, “Well, it could have happened.”

    I think that that would be the response NOM would give in this instant.

  • Trickster Goddess

    What these groups never mention about the Knights of Columbus case in Canada is that the KoC actually won their case. The court accepted their argument that they were exempt from discrimination laws because they are a religious organization.

    The ruling against them was because in that particular case they had already signed the rental contract before they learned that it was for a same sex wedding, so by unilaterally cancelling the rental they were in violation of the contract. So they are free to refuse to rent to gay weddings as long as they ask first before signing.

    In other words, although the religious bigots lost the battle, at the same time they also won the war.