Personhood USA Wants Rape Exceptions Gone

The anti-choice zealots at Personhood USA, who believe that a fertilized egg has more rights than the woman whose body produced the egg, have launched a new campaign called Save the 1 to eliminate rape exceptions in all abortion-related laws. My friend Robin Marty has their press release:

Following the widely publicized misstatements of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, Save the 1 has been created to equip politicians who hold to the 100% prolife position, educating them on the statistics and facts that support 100% abortion bans.

So they’re going to provide support for the “misstatements” of Akin and Mourdock. Wouldn’t that make them not misstatements?

Founder of Save the 1 and spokesperson for Personhood USA, attorney Rebecca Kiessling was conceived in rape and has become an outspoken advocate for others like her and for women, such as her mother, who have been raped.

Wrong. She’s an advocate for women who’ve been raped who choose to deliver the child. She wants to criminalize any other choice, which makes her the opposite of an advocate for any other woman. That’s the difference between the pro-choice and anti-choice positions. No one who is pro-choice would tell a woman who chooses to deliver a baby conceived by a rape that she’s doing something terribly wrong or try to prevent her from doing so. Only one side is trying to impose their own choices on everyone else.

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  • busterggi

    Next they’ll want to give awards to whichever rapist causes the most pregnacies.

  • raven

    I don’t find this woman’s story believable.

    She also claims to be an abortion survivor.

    The forced birther/female slaver movement is full of lies and liars. According to them abortion causes breast cancer, makes you go insane, and reduces future fertility. All of which are lies.

    About what you expect from one of the main supporters of the murderious xian terrorists who plague our society.

  • leftwingfox

    She also claims to be an abortion survivor.

    Yeah, but “abortion survivor” is wingnutese for “born after Roe V. Wade”, so it’s not exactly an uncommon claim.

  • raven

    Yeah, but “abortion survivor” is wingnutese for “born after Roe V. Wade”, so it’s not exactly an uncommon claim..

    That isn’t what she claims.

    She was adopted. She now claims that she survived two abortion attempts.

    These claims aren’t uncommon.

    I myself remember evading my parent’s birth control. Punched a hole right through a condom, swam way up a fallopian tube, grabbed an egg right out of the ovary, and talked my mother out of an abortion. I’ve always been determined.

  • raven

    Malware and computer viruses: They’ve left porn sites for religious …

    www.… /malware_and_computer_viruses_they_ve…

    by Will Oremus – in 175 Google+ circles

    May 24, 2012 – HOME / Technology : Innovation, the Internet, gadgets, and more. … The malware famously found on porn sites has largely found a new … Church blogs and Christian youth forums aren’t the first thing that … in a botnet—on your local church blog as you are on a porn site. …. Apple Is Stronger Than Ever …

    FWIW, I tried to confirm or deny these claims.

    Didn’t get too far on Google

    I avoid xian and female slaver sites or at least be very, very careful They tend to be filled with malware.

    I noticed this myself long ago. There are independent reports of the same thing.

  • John Hinkle

    If they’re 100% prolife (that’s one word now, apparently), then they must be against guns, war, global climate change, carcinogens, motor vehicles… you know, all the stuff that causes death.

  • Crudely Wrott

    Next thing you know, these chuckleheads will be regaling us with tales of their exploits in the womb. At eight weeks, no less. And telling us how horrible it would have felt to be aborted before they were all set to go whooshing down the chute!

  • jufulu

    Crudely Wrott @7. When I was an infant we were lucky if all we had to worry about was abortions. Back in those days we had to swim uphill, both ways, w/o shoes.

  • boadinum

    In my day we didn’t even have a womb, just a cardboard box.

    And WTF is an abortion “survivor”?

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    A failed abortion – like George Dubya Bush maybe?

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    “Only one side is trying to impose their own choices on everyone else.”

    ^ That. So much that.

    Make your choices as youplease and wish by all fribcking means

    But tell no-one, Imean frickein no-one, else

    That they have to choose

    What you choose!

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    @10. For clarity there – If Pres. Bush II wasn’t an abortion – he shoulda been!

  • Michael Heath

    StevoR writes:

    If Pres. Bush II wasn’t an abortion – he shoulda been!

    What a repulsive thing to even think, let alone express in public.

    I hope the vast majority of people who hang out here have a far higher standard of morality than what you imagine them to have.

  • danikekoa

    Do NOT be decieved by, “Team Rape” over at PersonhoodUSA – Keith & Jennifer Mason take orders from a SERIAL RAPIST & CHILD KILLER…

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  • danikekoa

    “Prolife” Political Terrorist who murdered JonBenet Ramsey is Pastor Bob Enyart. He runs the ShadowGov “Small Foreign Faction” w/ a “Group of Individuals” who were in Boulder CO on Christmas Day 1996 & were in the middle of a $10 million lawsuit against BoulderPD & Dr. Warren Hern, late term abortionists just 9 days before JBR was found dead. It was a political statement as part of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Cult. For the TRUTH about ShadowGov -Go to Website of whistleblowers- GenerationXpose(.)com

  • raven

    Bob Enyart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en. /wiki/Bob_Enyart

    Bob Enyart is an American talk radio host, author, and pastor of Denver Bible Church. … He was convicted for misdemeanor child abuse in 1994 after beating his … “JUDGE AFFIRMS ENYART’S RIGHT TO DISCUSS ABUSE CONVICTION ON …

    Pastor Bob Enyart is, in fact, a convicted child abuser according to wikipedia.

  • danikekoa

    There’s a lot more secrets that Enyart has been hiding….the FBI is watching him NOW and he’s about to be arrested for MURDER ANY DAY NOW!



    Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart

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  • danikekoa

    “Enyart expressed NO REMORSE for the injury…”

    Robert Adolph Enyart Court Case#: 94M2658

    On June 26, 1994, the Arvada Police Department was contacted in reference to child abuse…[Reporting Party] informed officers that his ex-wife’s boyfriend, the defendant Robert Enyart, beat [RP’s] seven year old son with a belt leaving several welts on the victim…upon contact by officers with the defendant, Robert Enyart expressed no remorse for the injury and reiterated that this was his customary way of punishing his own children…when officers informed Enyart that the law indicates that you are not allowed to cause injury when disciplining a child and Enyart replied “that’s a stupid law.” – Jefferson County Court

    ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Criminal History & Arrest Record:

    *SOURCE: Colorado Bureau of Investigation

    And there’s more than one conviction of “CRUELTY TOWARDS A CHILD.”

    For the TRUTH about this sick twisted serial killer ->

  • wscott

    who believe that a fertilized egg has more rights than the woman whose body produced the egg,

    I don’t agree with the anti-abortionists, but this borders on a straw man. *If* you accept the premise that a fertilized egg is a person, then that person has the *same* rights as the mother, and it becomes a question of competing rights, i.e. – whether the fetus’ right to live trumps the mother’s right to privacy & control of her own body.


    Personally, I think that premise is pretty ridiculous. And even if you accept it, I don’t think it’s a given that the fetus’ right to life wins out. (Say I was dying of some rare disease, and the only way to cure it required forcing *you* to get sick for 9 months so they could develop an anti-toxin; utilitarian moral arguments notwithstanding, no court would order you to do so.) But let’s at least try to address their actual arguments, rather than misrepresenting them.

  • drew01


    If you were dieing from a rare disease and i was the cause (either through intent or neglect) of you having that disease and i refused to help you and you died, then yes, i have committed homicide.

    And that is a very good parallel for pregnancy. The man & woman are the ones who, by creating the child, have caused that child to be in need. Therefore, they’re on the hook to care for that child. This is the basis for parental obligation. To refuse to take care of your child thereby killing the kid is nothing but criminal homicide.

    By the way, thanks for pointing out the straw man. Pro-aborts like to argue against straw men.

  • drew01

    >> Only one side is trying to impose their own choices on everyone else.

    Ed Brayton, you’re wrong. Every time a woman has an abortion, she, her spouse and the abortionist are imposing their own choices on the unborn child. In fact, they’re using lethal force to impose their view on that innocent human being.

    To oppose abortion isn’t to impose a view but to protect the innocent from the lethal imposition of views by others.

  • monimonika

    Actually, drew01, no one can force you to donate your organs, blood, or other body stuff even if you are 100% guilty for causing the situation that requires such a donation from you. They can take away your mobility (jail) and cash, but no body parts (not even blood!).

    Look up McFall vs Shimp for a case where bone marrow donation was refused even though Shimp (the potential donor) had agreed to test if he was a match for the critically ill McFall. Shimp won.

    Heck, even taking badly needed organs from DEAD BODIES (who obviously don’t need the organs anymore) is prohibited the dead person had previously OPTED INTO the organ donation registry.

  • monimonika

    Add the word “unless” between “prohibited” and “the dead person” above.

  • slc1

    Re drew01

    If a fertilized egg is a child, then god is the world’s greatest abortionist because more then 1/2 of fertilized eggs fail to implant in the uterus. The fact is that calling a fertilized egg a person before in implants is total rubbish because of that fact. Of course, for morons like Mr. drew01, the facts never stand in the way of their fantasies.

  • danikekoa

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    You have preached against and protested the murder of innocent children in hypocrisy for decades, using phony “pro-life” rackets that have robbed many people of $100,000s from their savings accounts….


  • raven

    Drew01 is a forced birther and pro female slaver.

    If you don’t own or control your own body, what are you?

    The era of slavery isn’t gone but it is going.

  • drew01


    “no one can force you to donate your organs, blood, or other body stuff even if you are 100% guilty for causing the situation that requires such a donation from you”

    Ok, but if you die because i caused you to need something then i’m guilty of homicide.

    So, if a woman evicts her child from the womb (though most abortions actually involve ripping the kid apart, but we can pretend otherwise), she’s guilty of homicide. She caused the child to be in need and then, by refusing to fulfill the need, caused her death.

  • drew01


    You offer a dumb statement like that (#24) and you call me a moron. Wow.

    >>1/2 of fertilized eggs fail to implant in the uterus

    All of us will die sometime. Just because someone dies doesn’t mean he wasn’t a person. Furthermore, simply because someone has a 50% chance of survival doesn’t mean we have a right to kill him.

  • drew01


    >>Drew01 is a forced birther and pro female slaver.

    Living up to your obligations is not slavery. I’ve made a case that parental obligation is based on causing the child to be in need. Perhaps, you should address the argument, instead of name-calling.

    Killing your child to escape your obligation is barbarism.

  • slc1

    Re drew01 @ #28

    Fine, then Mr. drew01 agrees that god is the worlds greatest abortionist. If everything that happens is god’s will, then the failure of a fertilized egg to implant and hence spontaneously abort is also god’s will, making him ipso facto the worlds greatest abortionist.

  • jws1

    Parental obligation in this context is pretty obvious. What drew01 wants to say is that a woman’s duty is to make babies for the state.

  • drew01

    slc1, sure “god” is an abortionist. he also kills old people, people in car accidents and infants with sudden infant death syndrome. your point is meaningless.

    jws1, your statement is just stupid. i’ve made no statements in support of compulsory pregnancy.

    When people have sex, they’re volunteering for pregnancy. When you create someone, you also create her state of dependency. Your duty isn’t to the state, but to the human being you created.

  • monimonika

    drew01: “When people have sex, they’re volunteering for pregnancy.”

    So, the right to life for a fetus (“the created human being”) is not innate at all, but is actually completely dependent on whether the woman/girl was a slut or not. Thanks for your stating your obvious desire to control women’s sexual lives and revealing your lack of actual care for the unborn.