DeMint: Immigration Reform Trick to Get Voters

DeMint: Immigration Reform Trick to Get Voters February 4, 2013

Former Sen. Jim DeMint, now the head of the Heritage Foundation, went on Janet Mefferd’s radio show and claimed that the only reason President Obama has any interest in immigration reform is to recruit new Democratic voters and more union members.

Unfortunately, and I’ve worked with the folks who are advocating for this for a number of years and it appears the Democrats are much more interested in new voters and union members than they are in fixing the system and honoring our heritage of immigration. I don’t think we can help our naturalized American citizens by tearing down those things that create the opportunity in our country, and border sovereignty, rule of law, those things create the freedom and opportunity that immigrants come here for. And if we change the things that make us successful then we hurt the very people that we’re saying we want to help. So this is an irrational approach in my mind. I know there’s some people involved with this who want to do the right thing and solve the problem. But I’m afraid the people driving this, like the president, are just more interested in the citizenship track than they really are fixing our system.

Okay, let’s contrast this with, say, voter fraud. On that issue, Republicans have invented a problem out of thin air, one that does not exist in any meaningful way, and used that as a pretext to make it more difficult for poor and minority voters to vote. Every single study of the issue has found no problem and every single attempt to fix that non-existent problem disenfranchises thousands of voters, at the very least.

By contrast, there is a genuine immigration problem. We have more than 10 million people living in the shadows, which creates a raft of problems that everyone agrees are bad. But any attempt to fix that problem with anything other than a macho “round ’em up and send ’em back” is claimed to be purely out of political convenience. Wherefore art thou, reality?

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  • gshelley

    I must have missed the part of Obama’s plan that gives people immediate citizenship.

  • arakasi

    Wait a minute…

    So Obama is supporting policies that are popular in order to get more people to vote for Democrats.

    THE BASTARD!!!!!

  • kingoftoasty

    Wherefore….I dont think that word means what you think it means

  • Because DeMint would never, ever stoop to such games.

  • Wes

    The two issues Ed brings up actually seem to feed into each other. As long as there are millions of illegal immigrants in the country, the Republicans can make exaggerated claims about illegals voting for the Democrats (even though that’s actually very rare). On the other side of things, if the illegal immigrants are given a path to earning citizenship, they likely will become Democratic voters at some point. Refusing to solve the immigration problem actually gives them a pretext to maintain their exaggerations on the voter fraud “problem”.

  • Glenn E Ross

    DeMint went on to say that the Democrat Party obsession with a functioning government is just a ploy to buy votes. Everyone knows government is evil and incompetent and the Republicans will again prove it when given the reins of power.

  • Actually, let’s contrast that to McCain’s statement on immigration reform, where he explicitly admits that he’s supporting it to get more Latino votes.

  • Jordan Genso

    @3 kingoftoasty

    Thank you. I was going to say the same thing.

    Juliet is not asking “where are you, Romeo?”, as though she does not see him beneath her, but instead “why are you Romeo?”, since if he were someone else from a different family, they could be together.

    I was fascinated when I learned that factoid, since it is so widely misunderstood in today’s culture. It’s also why I make no effort to read Shakespeare, since he wrote in a different language than we speak today.

  • He’s just mad because Obama can grab them by the hundreds of thousands, break up their families, jail them and push them back across the border and their legal relatives will still vote for Obama.

  • Dealing has good reason to be concerned. If this current fad of adopting popular policies instead of telling the American people what they want catches on, who knows what could happen? People might start getting the idea that they should have more say in how they governed. Can you imagine the horror if groups of voters started having more influence than corporate lobbyists?

  • Wasn’t George the Lesser advocaitng much the same kind of thing? And if so, does that mean he was trying to increase the number of Democratic voters?

  • uzza

    And if we change the things that make us successful then we hurt the very people that we’re saying we want to help. So this is an irrational approach in my mind.

    Then why do you keep doing it, asshole?

  • Suido

    Definitions (political):

    Trick: A piece of legislation which improves people’s lives to the extent that they would vote for the party who introduced it. See also: policy.