The Real Welfare Queens

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, almost certain to be the Republican nominee for governor later this year, is putting out a book in which he claims that the Democrats use Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and other forms of assistance to get them elected and gain power:

“Sometimes bad politicians set out to grow government in order to increase their own power and influence. This phenomenon doesn’t just happen in Washington; it happens at all levels of government. The amazing this is that they often grow government without protest from citizens, and sometimes they even get buy-in from citizens — at least from the ones getting the goodies.

“One of their favorite ways to increase their power is by creating programs that dispense subsidized government benefits, such as Medicare, Social Security, and outright welfare (Medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing, and the like). These programs make people dependent on government. And once people are dependent, they feel they can’t afford to have the programs taken away, no matter how inefficient, poorly run, or costly to the rest of society.”

— “Citizens will vote for those politicians who promise more benefits each year, rather than the fiscally responsible politicians who try to point out that such programs are unsustainable and will eventually bankrupt the states or the nation.

You mean like when politicians promise big corporations that they’ll put a tax break into a bill, secure them a government contract or water down regulations that affect them, any of which can put billions of dollars into that corporation’s bank accounts? Because that kind of welfare, the corporate kind, is far more likely to bring in huge contributions that help candidates win elections than $800 a month Social Security checks or enough food stamps to feed one person for a couple weeks.

The real welfare queens are corporate CEOs and boards of directors, who spend millions of dollars lining the pockets of politicians of both parties, and promising lucrative positions to government regulators, in order to get billions of dollars in taxpayer money. But by all means, let’s focus on poor and elderly people scraping by on Social Security. They’re the problem, amirite?

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