FRC Wants God to Intervene in Boy Scouts Decision

The Christian right is absolutely freaking out over the announcement by the Boy Scouts of America that they may reverse their policy on not allowing gay scouts or troop leaders and let local councils make their own rules. The Family Research Council wants the big scout in the sky to get involved:

Thanks be to God for keeping the Scout Program strong till now. May He intervene to prevent this travesty against righteousness and justice from taking place! May God give the BSA leaders courage and understanding NOT to forsake their own laws by BOWING to those behind this immoral shakedown. May those within who are behind this resign or be removed! May Scout parents across America rise up to say “NO” to this evil and may they prevail in preserving this great institution! (1 Sam 2:1-5:1; Pr 28:4; Mt 18:6; Rom 1:16-32; 1 Tim 5:1, 12; 2 Tim 4:1-5:5)

And if he doesn’t intervene and they do change the policy, will they admit that either A) he didn’t intervene because he doesn’t exist or B) he didn’t intervene because he agrees with the change? Of course not. And don’t bring up that “wherever two or more agree in my name” thing from the Bible, either, because they only believe that one when they get what they want.

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