Poor Glenn Beck Has Been Smeared

Glenn Beck fondly reminisces about the good old days when he was so popular that he was up there with Nelson Mandela and the pope in polls. And now he’s despised and people think he spreads crazy conspiracies. And it’s all because of the “smear machine.”


Alternate theory: He’s seen as a loony conspiracy theorist because he is, in fact, a loony conspiracy theorist. When you say stupid things like “empathy leads to Adolf Hitler,” people figure out that you’re bugnutty.

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  • Oh, the irony.

  • jba55

    I weep for him. Or at least I will, just let me get the vapor rub…

  • I think he truly lost it when Obama won the Presidency. While he was always a Right Wing fundie, there was at least a level of control he had over those conspiracy theories.

    Once Obama won, though. He started getting more and more paranoid and more and more hyper…

  • Janine: Hallucinating Liar

    Gl*nn B*ck comes pre-smeared.

  • dingojack

    Dear Mr Bek –

    A wise man once said:

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Pretty soon they figure out you’re bug-fuck KKKrazy-pants”.

    I got that off the Internet, so it’s a genu-ine direct quote donchano*



    * Just ask your pals Mr Washington and Mr Barton.

  • bruceh

    I’m not watching Glenn Beck. In my opinion, he’s definitely NSFW. But if I understand your description correctly, he’s complaining that there’s a massive conspiracy underway, likely by un-named, evil libruls, to paint him as a nutty conspiracy theorist. That’s rich.

  • I want to see this poll that rated both W and Beck among the top five of the most admired people in the world. Was it truly a global poll?

  • Katherine Lorraine@3:

    The same thing happened to Lou Dobbs.

  • cry4turtles

    Shit is still shit whether it’s smeared or not. Just ask any diaper changer.

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    Wait so the poll ran “the current Pres, (Obama?) Pres. Bush II, Nelson Mandela, Beck & then Pope Palpatine?


    What fucken poll was this?

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    PS. .. And changes in polls automatically means that Glenn Beck was “smeared” as opposed to seen through as the clown he is – or just not the year’s (odd) fashion any more?

    Evidence : You’re doin’ it wrong, Beckums.

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    @9. Just ask a nurse.

  • raven

    Glenn Beck Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

    www. celebritynetworth.com/richest… /glenn-beck-net-worth…

    by Brian Warner – in 288 Google+ circles

    What is Glenn Beck’s net worth?

    Glenn Beck is an American conservative radio and television host, author who has a net worth of $105 million.

    Since it is Glenn Beck saying it, it probably isn’t true.

    I don’t remember him ever being anything but a crazed monkey that people watched to see if he would do a Network (old movie) move or just totally lose it.

    And he isn’t doing bad at all. Estimates of his wealth run $60-$100 million dollars, much of it made recently. There is big money in the fundie xian echo chamber and Beck has been adept at harvesting it.

    For $100 million bucks he can stand a little head banging from normal people.

  • Don’t you know that, on the Planet Wingnuttia, accurately quoting the crazy things certain people say is a smear, if not outright libel (ala Bradlee Dean suing Rachel Maddow)?

  • timberwoof

    Glenn Beck is a liar, of course. He starts out saying that he was the “fourth most admired man in the world.” But the Gallup poll asked Americans.

  • scienceavenger

    Beck illustrates an interesting attribute about conspiracy theorists – none of them think of themselves that way. Their theories are not conspiracies you see, its those other people over there with their weird theories that are the conspiracy nuts.

    Case in point: An associate of mine who believes aliens had a hand in building the pyramids, and that the Hubble telescope’s initial faiure was due to the governmet hiding the alien information out there. But he was aghast when I referred to him as a conspiracy theorist. Moi?

  • bourgect

    The Gallup poll for those interested.

  • roggg

    I think Beck is very smart. He knows exactly what he’s saying, and he’s getting rich saying it. If I thought he believed even 1/10th of what he says I would have nothing but pity for him.

  • oranje

    Such a misleading headline…

  • And Nelson Mandela went “Whaaaa?”. Even the pope was a little miffed.


    (It should be noted that GWB came in at #3*, although with the drop-off after #1, Barack Obama, the rest of the list is pretty much noise)


    * In 2009 (after being #1 every year from 2001-2007).

  • Another misleading header, Ed:

    I rushed over here expecting some lurid account involving Mr. Bek and an 18-wheeler filled with pig manure wherein a first responder remarks that it might take a while to extricat Glennie from the 40 tons of swinepoo that spilled–as it’s almost impossible to tell them apart.


    I admit surprise at tfinding out that it’s not a Gishgallop Poll.

  • pacal

    Glenn Beck was of course a crazy conspiracy loon for years. What with his fixation of drawing bizarre links and Soros. What really needs explaining is how so-called rational people like Penn Jillette associated with him. Penn know admits Glenn is crazy but then adds a but.

  • bobcarroll

    Smeared with santorum?

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    @ 17. bourgect :

    Thanks for that link. Looks like it was a near tie between Glenn Beck, Pope Sidious, Rev. Billy Graham and Bill Gates all on 2. Clearly they’ve rounded up / down the figures.

    Obama waaay ahead & Hilary Clinton just pipping the caribou barbie for women. Both kinda surprising actually given the strong dislike (often to put it mildly!) that all three of these individuals induce in many folks.

  • stace

    Truly amazing how so many people fall for attractive grifters like Sarah Palin.