Lobbyist: Businesses Don’t Do Enough Lobbying

Every once in a while you read something that is so staggeringly out of touch with reality that you fear it may rip a hole in the space-time continuum and cause that total protonic reversal thing from Ghostbusters. Please turn off your irony meters before reading this:

Most business people, it’s safe to say, don’t much like Washington, D.C., and what goes on in the nation’s official halls of power. They are loathe to get involved in lobbying Congress and the White House.

That’s a mistake, says Larry Meyers.

“We’re seeing fewer large issues working through Congress today,” said Meyers, president of D.C.-based Meyers and Associates, which for three decades has represented businesses, trade associations, universities and municipalities. “Business needs to be more involved. They don’t get involved early enough in the process. The environment, labor and foreign interest groups are here every day working, very busy.”

Do not adjust your screen. You actually read that. Because apparently $3.28 billion dollars in 2012 alone — and that doesn’t even count the $2 billion in campaign contributions spent by the two presidential campaigns, or all of the money spend on races for the U.S. Senate and House or state legislative, executive or judicial races. Or all the money spent on third party organizations to influence all of those elections — just isn’t enough.

And corporate spending dwarfed spending by environmental and labor groups by a huge amount. Environmental groups spent a paltry $16.2 million lobbying and $4.4 million on contributions in 2012. Unions spent $45.4 million on lobbying and $65.2 million on contributions. Out of more than $3 billion spent on lobbying and billions more on contributions and outside spending. The idea that environmental and labor groups are outspending corporations is breathtakingly idiotic.

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