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A Facebook friend sent me a link to the blog We the People, knowing that I’m an afficianado of crazy. And wow, I think I’m in love. The author is Jim Campbell, who describes himself as “Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot” (inappropriate capitalization in the original). So what makes this site special, I’m sure you’re asking yourself. Let him explain:

Perhaps you have never been here before. I write with twisted wit and my warped sense of humor. It’s called by El Rushbo, using the absurd to illustrate absurdity.

I promise to provide accurate sourcing, stay away from conspiracy theories, and make any needed changes or complete retractions if need be.

And to show you just how diligently he stays away from conspiracy theories, he advertises this “full length video on the new world order.”

new world order video

And he supports Orly Taitz and her zeal to prove that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim usurper in a post with this grammar-bending headline, “Are the tides and winds of change tuning (sic) on Obama?” Orly Taitz, in his view, is a “bulldog” for going after “Obama Nazi Judges” (again, inappropriate capitalization in the original).

He seems to have a very difficult time with grammar, especially in headlines. Like this one: “The Plot Thickens: Arpaio investigation: Obama might be Kenyan Records that could document status mysteriously missing.” And this one: “Obama’s Kenyan move Administration loosened abortion laws in African nation.” As another sign that he avoids conspiracy theories, he’s all about proving that Obama was born in Kenya. And then George Soros apparently went back with his secret time machine and planted two fake birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers. Or something.

This is going to be a lot of fun.

"A Nazi walks into a bar – and instantly lowers it."

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  • jnorris

    Ed, they’re not conspiracy theories when True.

  • From the first post I read on his site:

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

    Now isn’t that convenient? He has the same initials as that other guy.

  • And how did I miss this?

    “…drive a steak in the hear…”

    Sorry, Ed. This will neither be fun nor fascinating. It’s the same old, same old. Wacky right wing nut jobs with conspiracy theories who wrap themselves in the flag, carry a cross and refuse to learn to spell.

  • baal

    I have some sympathy for the grammar fail. I, however, usually stop posting when I’m in having that problem.


    “Obama might be Kenyan Records”

    is hilarious. The other choice, of course, is that Obama is an actual human being made out of cells and such. If he ever decides to put out an album, he could use “Kenyan Records” either as a pseudonym or maybe even start a small label.

  • slc1

    Speaking of Orly, here’s the latest from fellow birther’s Phil Berg’s libel suit against her.

    Here’s a comment from the judge relative to the motions filed by both sides.

    “There’s been lots of papers filed by lawyers on both sides,” Clifton said. “Most of which don’t do them proud.”

    I suspect a vast understatement by his honor.

  • “Are the tides and winds of change tuning (sic) on Obama?”

    That sic (sic) might not be needed: maybe he’s confused ‘Obama’ with ‘Oboe’ and thinks that the Pres has played the A on which the winds and strings etc. are tuning??

    Not sure where the ‘tides’ come from.

    Are they perhaps performing Britten’s Sea Interludes?

  • Sastra

    Sometimes it is dangerous to fail to proofread. From the first page:

    I just noticed as of this date, Sept 1, 2012 I’ve had over 1 million two hundred and fifty thousand visits. That would be impossible with great readers and subscribers.

    Yes, that would be impossible with great readers and subscribers. Fortunately, there are apparently plenty of the other type out there.

  • lordshipmayhem

    Ah, yes, Obama, the Christian Muslim Atheist from the Hawaiian Island of Kenya.

  • dugglebogey

    One thing that’s a lot of fun is going to sites like these, going to their archives and reading the posts just before and after election day.

    It’s fucking awesome.

  • “Oath Keeper”

    That alone makes me laugh.

  • peterw

    Ed, I’m glad you visit all the crazy sites so I don’t have to. You are a far braver man than I.

    But are you sure it’s completely safe? Couldn’t that much exposure to stupidity and dishonesty damage your brain somehow?

    Or perhaps you started gradually and have built up a tolerance?


  • mobius

    Well, it’s obvious isn’t it. There are no records in Kenya that Obama was born there, so there must be a conspiracy that had those records destroyed. Nothing could be plainer.


  • dingojack

    richardelguru – well clearly, he’s talking about all that auto-tuning on the vinyl* put out under the Prez’s ‘Kenya Records’ label.



    * he’s hard-core old-school

  • Nice find, Ed!

    The beauty — to completely abuse a term beyond recognition — of sites like these is that for any given insanity value x of the person behind the average value of the regular commenters is about 1.4 x (SD +/- 0.27). I spent half an afternoon there trying to decide whether the thing was a Poe — I was 90 percent sure I wasn’t, but I mean come on, good fucking god, have some *limits* — until I used the one fail-safe means of figuring this out: try to anger the blogger. A Poe-blogger will play along, while a whackjob will unleash the fury of CAPS LOCK, searing insults and the dreaded ban-hammer. Jim cut me out of the game apace, but not so soon that I didn’t get a chuckle out of his unquestionably thinking that “Mautherve Ockar” is a real name.