Swanson Again Compares Gays to Serial Killers

Even by wingnut standards, Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio is astonishingly bigoted and stupid. Adding to the fit-throwing and pearl-clutching from the religious right over the Boy Scouts allowing gay teens to join, he says that’s like letting a serial killer teach preschool — but he loves them, of course.

Swanson: You don’t want homosexuals adopting, you don’t want them involved in foster care, and you certainly don’t want them involved in the Boy Scouts.

Buehner: In other words, if God won’t give them children, don’t give them children?

Swanson: Yeah.

Buehner: Look. I think what’s happening here is NBC is probably cheerleading for an outcome they hope will happen, trying to create some pressure where there was no pressure. But we will know if the Boy Scouts of America announce they’re opening a new summer camp called Camp Sandusky. If they open Camp Sandusky, they’ve pretty much given in.

Swanson: That’s it. Yep, that would be it. That would be the end of it. I would hope that there would be some families out there that say, you know, if the Boy Scouts open up Camp Sanduksy, if the homosexuals are invited into the Boy Scouts to be scout leaders, I would hope there are some families out there that would still be concerned. And not to say that the Gospel shouldn’t make it, tell the homosexuals, they’ve…again, people have come back to us and say, ‘You guys aren’t very loving, you’re not very loving, you know, you don’t want to reach out to these people.’ Just the fact that we don’t want child molesters coming out of our prison system and working with our Boy Scouts doesn’t mean we don’t want people going into the prison system and witnessing the Gospel to the child molesters. I think people have a hard time getting two things in their mind at the same time. Just the fact that you don’t want a serial killer, you know, in your preschool taking care of your little girls and boys doesn’t mean that you don’t love them enough to bring the Gospel to them.

Yeah, we love those child molesters and serial killers. Why wouldn’t you think we love them?

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  • jnorris

    If this is from yesterday’s broadcast then Swanson is behind on this one or else he’s not getting the Conservative Entertainment Media’s Outrage Machine memos on time. Anyway, like small children and puppies, they will find a new toy to chew and then the BSA can let local councils control local troops without the faux drama.

  • Randomfactor

    In other words, if God won’t give them children, don’t give them children?

    Infertile couples can’t adopt, then?

  • Red-Green in Blue

    Infertile couples can’t adopt, then?

    Indeed. Nothing shows you’re Thinking of the Children™ more than preventing people with all the qualities required of good parents from offering a stable and loving upbringing to children whose birth parents couldn’t manage it.


    And again with the conflation of GLBT people and paedophiles! Yes, I know – Libby Anne has explained that on the whole the RR honestly believe that the two groups are one and the same, but my mind boggles at their almost frightening ability to block out all the evidence to the contrary.

  • NitricAcid

    They can’t separate the two groups because they believe in black & white versions of reality- you’re either “normal” or a “pervert”. Just like one is either male or female, christian or damned, American or foreign. As far as they are concerned, gays and pedophiles are both in the “pervert” category, so why bother distinguishing between them?

    These are the same people who can’t understand why Hindus and Muslims would fight each other over religion, or how Japanese people could be racist (“I mean, they’re practically black themselves”).

  • dugglebogey

    It’s pretty obvious that all the people that are super vocally against homosexuality are really just gay.

    So does it follow that those people who think all homosexuals are child molesters really want to molest children?

    I think there’s something there…

  • Nentuaby

    dugglebogey, that’s not “obvious” at all. It is, in fact, a stupid reductionist meme with a strong whiff of ironic homophobia. Parroting it doesn’t help us understand the minds of our opposition and does not help us advance the cause of equality.

  • baal

    @#5 Child abuse and sexual abuse is higher in religious conservative households. The key issue seems to be ‘head of household’ authoritarian rhetoric. That idea overlaps with “I’m in charge of my slaves”. It’s the a short step to the next near by notion that if you own them, 1) they aren’t people 2) you can do whatever you want to them.