Wingnut Cleanses Obama of Demons

TV evangelist Wendy Alec took a shot at exorcising some of those demons that the truly crazy right thinks control Obama (Gordon Klingenschmitt says Obama is possessed by 50 demons). The result was much hilarity. Maybe she should contact Gov. Bobby Jindal, since he has so much experience with exorcisms.


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  • Cuttlefish

    Removing ungodly tentacles from his shoulders?

    Damn, I was thisclose!

  • firefly

    And prominently displayed is a plea for money. Naturally.

  • Loqi

    Is it just me, or did it sound like the guy in the background was masturbating?

  • oranje

    Graphics courtesy of the BBC World Service? (I can only see the screencap; can’t play the video because my computer is unfamiliar with this RAM you speak of.)

  • tsig

    She’s the boss of demons?

  • Tentacles? Has anyone checked on PZ Mxyzptlk lately?

  • raven

    Not impressed.

    My cat can cast out demons better and for less money.

    I’d be more impressed if she could get rid of the Fairies and Brownies in the garden.

  • Michael Heath

    Classic example of truth being stranger than fiction.

  • unbound

    I was thinking it probably went more like this –

  • Clean Demons was my motorcycle gang. And my punk band. We played motorcycles. We were awful.

  • abear

    It might be a good idea to send an exorcist over to Pharyngula to deal with some of their commenters.

    Some of the hateful invective over there appears to exceed the behavior normally explained away by the normal definitions offered by modern psychiatry.

    In fact. on the Feb 4 Thunderdome thread a possibly demon possessed “Tethys” threatened to cut me with broken bottles.

    And I thought only women like Ophelia and RW got hateful violent threats over the internet.

  • Brent

    When I close my eyes and listen to the audio, this woman’s words sound exactly like some of the deranged homeless people that ride the subway and “preach” to the poor slobs stuck in delays on the #4 train. It’s just noise that makes no sense whatsoever. The only difference between this woman and the poor, demented homeless I see every day is that she has really garish fake nails and does not reek of urine.

  • I remember, vaguely, some story from the Wholly Babble that said JESUS asked Satan what his name was (wtf happened to the omniscience power?) the ol’ debbil he says, “Legion, because we are many.”. I’m thinkin’ that allathem KKKrazzeepants JBSUSbots might just qualify as being part of his posse.

    “The only difference between this woman and the poor, demented homeless I see every day is that she has really garish fake nails and does not reek of urine.”

    I’ll take your word for the nails, but the reekin’ of urine part? Nah.

  • Don Quijote

    What’s that smell? Is it dog shit? Oh no, it’s abear.

  • theignored

    That stupid fool: Even according to the her own bible, unless Obama accepts christ, he’ll be worse off than before:

    Read Matthew 12:43-45

  • The difference between this and a witch doctor throwing his bones?

    Actual bones.

  • jnorris

    If only she would use her Jesus Power for niceness, like mending our broken and wounded veterans. Too bed those vets don’t have the bucks to stroke her powers.

  • Tethys

    I only watched part of the video, as I have a limited tolerance to derp.

    *waves to abear*

    Yep, I used pop culture tropes to inflict horrible wounds on you. What did you expect to happen in Thunderdome when you charged in with your deliberately offensive posts in order to get your pit star?

  • abear

    @#14; So you (Don Quijote) and Chris Clarke think that direct, violent threats are just fine?

    That was a really witty remark you made there Don.

    Do you post filth like that to other victims of threats?

  • catlover

    I know this is OT, but: Isn’t this “anti-caturday”?? (And, as my nym states, I LOVE cats!) Just missing the loyal opposition!

    On subject: these TV preachers need to lose all tax exemptions they have.

    And: she should attack the Federal Reserve! I guess this loony-tunes woman doesn’t see who the real perps are.

  • abear

    Oh hai Tethys *waves back*. I’m not sure which jurisdiction you live in yet, but did you know that making terrorist threats can get you up to 12 years in prison in Canada?

  • Don Quijote

    No, I keep them exclusively for you.

  • Tethys

    Aw, poor banned abear. Proving the adage that bullies can’t take the same abuse that they love to dish out.

  • abear

    Tethys @23; As the one making the violent threats you apparently are the only bully here.

    By the way , did your lawyer advise you to tell the judge that making violent threats on the Thunderdome was perfectly OK and legal so you could get a not guilty because of monumental stupidity verdict?

  • raven

    troll making threats:

    By the way , did your lawyer advise you to tell the judge that making violent threats on the Thunderdome was perfectly OK and legal so you could get a not guilty because of monumental stupidity verdict?

    Oh gee.

    A troll making threats on the internet. We haven’t seen that in at least a few hours. My lawyers can outbrief ,outsubpoena, and outdiscover your lawyers.

    Could abear and Tethys take it back to the Thunderdome. This is boring for the rest of us

    FWIW, some atheist blog owners, unlike the xians, do in fact have real and all-but-super powers. They can cast out trolls by simply banning them.

  • Tethys

    abear has been banned from Pharyngula.

    I will refrain from engaging.

  • abear

    raven; I don’t have the luxury of going back to the Thunderdome. Some idiot named Chris Clarke banned me from that bastion of free speech apparently because people at the Slymepit were quoting examples of abuse directed at me. I did not engage in any threat making, gender slurs or the such. My sin was to defend someone that I thought was being unfairly dogpiled on in a relatively polite and dispassionate manner.

    I don’t at present have any plans of contacting the authorities about the violent threat I received nor do I want to notify Pharyngula’s service provider that a moderator there has condoned the making of that threat.

    I must say that you disappoint me raven.You think it’s “boring” when people make direct violent threats? Ophelia Benson and Rebecca Watson seem to be concerned about even indirect, improbable threats. Are you going to tell them they are boring and playing the victim card?

  • rowanvt

    Abear’s sin to was to encourage a victim-blaming rape apologist.

    Abear’s stupidity was to apparently not notice when Tethys retracted the pop-culture quote that is being claimed as a threat.

    Abear’s arrogance is to be having a ‘pity me!’ party about this.

    And being possessed by demons? BAH! My aunt told my grandmother that I was Satan’s daughter!

  • Getting the thread back on track:

    Now that Wendy Alec has purged the president of his entangling demons, she presumably expects him to make all of his future decisions free from demonic influences. No doubt she must therefore endorse all of his future initiatives. Or … she’ll have to admit that she’s no good at casting out demons. She’ll never do the latter, of course. I can’t see her doing the former. Alex has boxed herself in but good.

  • abear

    rowanvt; You want to call Paul W OM a victim blaming rape apologist because a pit of angry vipers decided to twist and intentionally ignore the context of his words?

    You may not be Satan’s daughter but your aunt was apparently observant enough to see ansty streak in you.

  • abear

    that should read “a nasty streak”

  • rowanvt

    I was 11 at the time, and didn’t want to play with her home-schooled, unsocialised 6 year old son for a 4th day in a row. Real nasty piece of work, I was.

    Of course, Aunty also thinks that everyone is possessed by demons and has been diagnosed a paranoid delusional. So grain of salt there.

    Saying that it is okay to sometimes tell a women that she caused her rape is NOTHING BUT victim blaming.

    And on to the topic again, Zeno you are correct. She really has boxed herself in. Or it’s going to turn out that he’s not possessed by just demons, but by Satan himself!

  • iangould

    Now that Obama is demon-free, he’s a Godly king whose every command must be obeyed, correct?

  • Tethys-chosen vessel of Lolth

    Hmmm, so Wendy has freed Obama from the shackles that bind him.

    Great! Universal health care, social justice, and equal rights for all!

  • vmanis1

    You might think that the Law of Conservation of Demons applies, and that the 50 (or whatever) demons that infested Obama have gone somewhere else, say to infest Brian Fischer (where those demons will feel right at home). It’s actually worse than that: the Second Law of Demondynamics says that 25 of those demons will go right back and infest Obama again, so that (nausea-inducing statement ahead) Fischer and Obama will eventually be in demon-equilibrium.

    Eventually each of us will have the same number of demons. This is known as the Demon Death of the Universe.

    I think there’s a stupidity equilibrium as well, unfortunately.

  • Roger

    Well, she only specifically cast out Jezebel, who wasn’t actually a demon, and “ungodly advisers”, so she still has 50 demons to go. And what, exactly, is a “Jezebelic deception”?

  • Zeno “Getting the thread back on track:”

    No. Obama will get new demons. Probably confiscated from the Job Creators. You know, on account of all the socialism.*


    Roger “And what, exactly, is a ‘Jezebelic deception’?”

    Women. Amirite?


    * SOCIALISM!!!

  • frankb

    Wendy is just practicing her money making racket. Say all the code words in tent revival style and the rubes will send the money. The “Jesebelic deception” seems to be a new term. I wonder if it will work for her. Competition, you know

  • grumpyoldfart

    I can understand the preacher. She’s getting paid to do her act. But what about the mugs in the pews? They’re actually buying the stuff she’s selling!

  • dingojack

    vmanis1 – ‘demondynamics’? Wasn’t that figured out by James Clark Maxwell?


  • teawithbertrand

    HOLY SHIT! That’s exactly what the video is…Just sayin’

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!


    Now that Obama is demon-free, he’s a Godly king whose every command must be obeyed, correct?

    Well it would “but, but, but, he’s bleck!” to quote Leathal Weapon II’.

    Also its ‘Render unto Caesar not render unto the President so only the ancient Roman emperors really count as godly y’know!

    (PS. Whatever did happen to the Holy Roman Empire which was none of the above again?)

  • ianken

    50 demons? Bah. I’ve got six in a bag.

  • steffp

    Well, technically speaking, Jezebel was not a demon, but a mythical 9th century BCE Phoenician princess married to an equally mythic King Ahab of North-Israel. According to the myth, as a Phoenician, she adhered to Baal & Ashtaroth, a practice tolerated since the days of Solomon, who had repeatedly sacrificed to Baal with his Phoenician wife. It all burns down to political maneuvers, the Phoenicians controlled access to the Mediterranean, important for court and tradesmen.

    After Ahab’s death, prophet Elisha and one of the sons of Ahab led a landowner’s revolt against the alliance with Phoenician Tyre, succeeded, killed the rival brother, the court and functionaries, pretending to clean the land from Baalists. Jezebel, waiting for her murder stepson in full regalia, makeup and jewelry, was killed, cut to pieces and fed to the dogs… Not what they call a queen’s burial.

    Ever since, zealots claim that Jezebel was a “painted whore”. Not quite convincing. In 900 BCE it was priestesses and high-status women who used the extremely expensive kajal and rouge. But to the patriarchal zealots both were abominations, so they equaled them to prostitutes, who in fact didn’t have the funds to buy Egyptian and Phoenician makeup.

    But all this does not qualify Jezebel for demonship.

    On the contrary, anyone noticed the heavy video-makeup of the televangelist?