Hoft Wrestles With the Angry Obama In His Head

The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft’s hatred for President Obama is so thick and rich that you could bottle it and sell it to IHOP. On Tuesday, he falsely claimed Obama had “berate[d]” and “lashed out” at a cameraman making a lot of noise in the briefing room. Here’s the video. Do you see anything even remotely like that? If not, that’s because you’re seeing the actual Obama, not the one that lives in Hoft’s head. The Obama in his head is a crude caricature of a Black Panther from the 1960s.


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  • Sastra

    This is “lashing out?” Mr. Rogers was apparently a raging madman. A wee over-sensitive, aren’t we?

  • Who Knows?

    Come on Ed, admit it. You’re just one of the members of the lapdog media.

  • birgerjohansson

    (Off-topic) Ed, have you seen this?

    “Tea Party organizations have ties to tobacco industry dating back to 1980s, study finds ” http://medicalxpress.com/news/2013-02-tea-party-ties-tobacco-industry.html

    “US Tea Party project” goes back at least to 2002, with roots in the 1980s astroturf organisations against tobacco regulation.

  • imrryr

    Some highlights from the comments:

    Remco Kimber commented: “Yep, further confirmation of why we s/h been willing to have picked our own cotton.”

    Jack commented: “Actually he was quite PO’d. If you knew Indonesians you would know that–EVERYTHING with a smile. Even if they’re killing you. O wants the system to work FOR HIM. He doesn’t really want to work within it. There’s nothing racist about that, but essentially the headline is correct. O DID “berate” the cameramen. The “President” O grew up with was a dictator and that’s what he’s familiar with. History repeats. The other thing is that O clearly thinks the entire system–press coverage, etc.,–is stupid. It’s a (for now) necessary inconvenience for him.”

  • Larry

    Really nothing to see here. For the last 5 years, the haters have been railing against the fantasy Obama that dwells only in their minds. That they continue to do it after being his being re-elected, ratcheting up the hyperbole to 11 as well, is no great surprise. Even having been shown contradictory evidence to their fantasy, they still refuse to believe it.

    As has been said before, reality has a liberal bias.

  • jamessweet

    Not that any commentary is really even needed here, but it’s important to note that the reporters in the room were laughing before Obama said anything. Obama paused and chuckled, and everyone knew exactly what he was chuckling at before he even said “What’s up, cameraman?” Clearly it was causing a disturbance; he simply acknowledged the elephant in the room.

  • scienceavenger

    Clearly Obama is guilty of TWB (Talking While Black).

  • Pieter B, FCD

    There are those who argue that President Obama did not back progressive causes as vehemently as he supposedly wanted to because he did not want to be seen as The Angry Black Man. I have always argued that those who would see him that way did so well before he was sworn in the first time.

  • You people are just confused because you don’t have the special goggles that let you see Clint Eastwood’s Invisible Obama. Trust me, Invisible Obama ripped that poor cameraman a new one. By the time Invisible Obama was done with him, he was crying like John Boehner at last call.

  • Well, sure, that was only him on eight. You should see him on ten. That pre-laughter from the crowd was nervous laughter.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Decades ago in Tasmania the Queen visited a logging site and newspaper headlines told us that a log had rolled down the hill and would have crushed the queen were it not for a brave Australian who pushed her out the way with only seconds to spare.

    Weeks later we got Newsreel footage of the incident: The log was about to be rolled down the hill; a workman pointed to spot on the ground and apparently told the queen that would be the best spot from which to view the action. She took the step back and the logged rolled by, about 20 metres away!

    Video has a habit of fucking up newspaper headlines.

  • dan4

    @2: Sarcasm or is that actually supposed to a serious comment (I really hope it’s the former)?

  • lofgren

    There are those who argue that President Obama did not back progressive causes as vehemently as he supposedly wanted to because he did not want to be seen as The Angry Black Man.

    I don’t know; I think I buy it.

    It’s true that there are people for whom all black men are The Angry Black Man. But there are also a lot of people for whom there are two types of black men: The Angry Black Man (default), and the Well-Spoken Black Man (rare exception). A lot of the latter are older, people who never really understood how pervasive racist attitudes are or learned too late that racism was wrong, and so they retain a deeply ingrained distrust of black men that they know is wrong (or would know is wrong, if they ever stopped to examine it), but can’t quite shake. Obama needed those people’s votes, or at least to avoid offending them so much that they vote against him.

  • add to imrryr @4, this from commenter Bronson:

    We might as well have elected Snoop Dog as President

  • Dr X, to be fair that would’ve been pretty awesome.

  • Stacy

    Modusoperandi, do you have your own ghey secks line yet?

  • Stacy, I don’t think so.

  • Stacy

    @Modusoperandi, I tried to post a link that would explain all, but evidently links are verboten.

    You can go to the Pharyngula Wiki and search for “gay sex.”

    Anyway, it was a compliment. 🙂

  • Stacy “@Modusoperandi, I tried to post a link that would explain all, but evidently links are verboten.”

    Are you sure?


    “You can go to the Pharyngula Wiki and search for ‘gay sex.'”

    I can do a lot of things. I’m a big boy!


    “Anyway, it was a compliment. :)”

    Well, I’ve read it and still don’t know what it means, so I’ll have to assume that your assessment is correct. If so, thanks.

  • Stacy

    Well, I tried to post a link–not a hyperlink, just a regular old link–and it didn’t work. Really I did, and it didn’t.

    *slinks off muttering to self*

  • Stacy, look, there’s no shame in not having a link. You don’t have to make one up (“It’s from Canada. You don’t know it.”).