Fun with TV Evangelists

Here’s a video of one third-rate TV evangelist that highlights all of the dishonest techniques that they use to fleece the credulous. I find the “sow your seed of faith” line hilariously idiotic. If they really believed it, wouldn’t they be sending you money?


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  • I was ready to kick this guy squah in the nuts within the first minute. And I normally don’t react quite that way, but this guy… yeah, squah in the nuts

  • Pierce R. Butler

    On my first glimpse of that graphic, I thought those tacky cushions behind him were bales of hay.

  • some bastard on the net

    Holy fuck.


    A woman walked up to me in Virginia Beach, and she’s crying, God said, “Tell her if she’ll plant a seed, equal to her house note, I’ll give her a house debt-free.” In 90 days, some relatives of hers died and they left her a house she didn’t even know they owned.

    And then the fucker starts clapping.

    Seriously, applauding the deaths of mystery woman’s relatives so that she could live debt-free.

    Their god has the characteristics of a mob hitman.

    “Yous wanna live wit no debt, huh? I can arrange circumstances to favor that. Whos do yous want me to rub out?”

  • some bastard on the net


    …they’re gonna think I’m a drug dealer.

    Why in the world would they think that? Is it because you have lots of money? Or is it because you charge insane amounts of money while giving them words that make them feel good without actually doing anything to improve their personal situations?

  • oblib2345

    I made it all the way to the end. Don’t i get something for having to sit through 10 minutes of that garbage?

    I can’t figure out how people still send this guy money, he was practically jizzing himself when he started talking about $100 bills and stacks of money!

  • Roger

    This would be a great racket to get in to. Too bad I have morals.

  • congenital cynic

    Those who are willing to exploit others can make money. This guy seems to have mastered the technique. The thing I can’t ever figure out is how I know he’s a slimy con artist in two seconds, and others will believe and send him a thousand dollars. What the fuck is wrong with them? Oh, right, religious mind. Sigh.

  • andrewlephong

    I was about to call Poe, especially after the dead relatives thing, but then I wikipediaed Mike Murdock, and wow, just wow.

    The Associated Press reported, Murdock asked followers for money to help the poor but spends more than 60 percent of its funds on overheads, including his salary, and only a tiny amount (reported to be “legal minimums of 1% to 3%”) on helping the needy, or any other ‘public interest’ that appears to benefit anyone other than Murdock himself.