Worldnutdaily: Allah is the Antichrist

One of my favorite parts of reading wingnut websites is that they’re always figuring out who the antichrist really is. One day it’s Obama, the next day it’s the pope. The Worldnutdaily has an amusing new theory that the true antichrist is…Allah!

Former PLO operative turned Christian Arabic-language researcher Walid Shoebat affirms there’s evidence that the name of Allah in Arabic is what the apostle John saw in his vision of the Antichrist’s name in the book of Revelation.

Shoebat, author of “God’s War on Terror,” explained that because John didn’t know Arabic, it’s possible he transcribed the name of the Beast as best he could into Greek letters. The Arabic name for “Allah” and its accompanying symbols resembles the ancient Greek script for “666.”

“It seems that more Bible prophecy students are coming to grips with what we stated years ago in ‘God’s War on Terror,’” Shoebat said. “Skeptics argue that the three Greek letters are Greek and not Arabic, yet none deny that these three Greek letters do read in Arabic. I find that interesting. In other words, we have been telling the truth.

“Some die-hard skeptics will ignore the very symbols given by John, and people will always try to poke holes into any theory,” Shoebat said, “but the evidence is overwhelming.”

“Overwhelming.” You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Shoebat said the most compelling case for the similarity between the Greek name for the Beast and the name for Allah is how Muslims wear the name of Allah.

“Any Christian skeptic who would like to argue that the Islamic creed, the name, the title and the declaration of faith is not blasphemous, please step forth,” Shoebat said. “Yet is it not what many Muslims put on their forehead? Or are we still led to believe the mark of the Beast to be a computer chip?”

Um. What? Muslims put the name of Allah on their forehead? Perhaps he’s thinking of Catholics and Ash Wednesday? WTF?

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  • Okay, they’re saying a nonexistent being is another nonexistent being. By WND standards, that actually makes a little bit of sense. At least it’s unfalsifiable, unlike all that BS about Obama being the Antichrist.

    But…yeah, it’s still monumentally silly.

  • “God’s War on Terror” AKA “The Crusade against Jihad!”

  • busterggi

    Isn’t Allah derived from El, one of the many gods (or names for the one god if you swing that way) mentioned in the bible? Specifically as Yahweh’s father in fact.

  • imrryr

    Not that this isn’t frequently the case, but the comments in that article are like a giant maelstrom of insanity. Don’t ever go to the WND to argue that the rapture isn’t real.

  • longstreet63

    Sounds like pretty good news for Christians of that stripe: A noncorporeal antichrist that they’ve maintained for 1500 years does not exist anyway.

    I guess the Tribulation’s gonna be kind of a walkover.

  • jameshanley

    Boy, all those poor Arabic Christians who have for a couple thousand years been invoking the name of the anti-christ without realizing it. 😉

    And I have to say, as someone who’s affiliated with a Muslim think tank and who has spent about a month in Syria, Lebanon and the Emirates, I have yet to see an Arab put the name of god on his/her head. Perhaps some do, but I truly have never seen it.

  • chisaihana5219

    Not that any education would be useful for the wingnuts, but, Eloh is “the lord” or “the god”. In Hebrew prayers, the word Elohim “gods” is used. When the god speaks to Moses, he says “have no other gods before (above) me”. “I’m the chief of all the gods”. Allah is Arabic for Eloh, used as “the Lord God”. Since it was this same god that had Jesus crucified, I’d be willing to say that this god is in fact an anti-christ. Can’t get more “anti” than killing someone; especially someone who was trying to teach folks to love you. So both the xtain god and the muslim god are evil – not surprising really – since humans inventied them both to explain the bad stuff.

  • Captain Mike

    Um. What? Muslims put the name of Allah on their forehead?

    He’s confusing Muslims with Hindus, maybe? I know that’s nuts, but that’s the only way I can manage to make even a little bit of sense out of this.

  • rork

    “comments in that article are like a giant maelstrom of insanity”

    Not entirely, one said to use a drone to just take him out. Simple is good.

    (PS: Thanks Captain MIke. Better than anything I’ve got.)

  • dmcclean

    Can we get a graphic? Because I did a google search for the Arabic spelling of Allah and it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the number 666.

    I’ll charitably assume that this is because either the name or the number (or both) used to be written differently, but based on the WND as the source it seems equally likely that it’s totally fabricated.

    Anybody know?

  • dmcclean

    Oops, I misread. But to my eye it doesn’t look anything like the google results for the ancient greek way of writing 666 either. (All those google results seem to think it resembles the caduceus and launch off into crazy-pants-land from there.)

  • jba55

    “Skeptics argue that the three Greek letters are Greek and not Arabic”

    I would think most, if not all, Greek letters are Greek.

    Maybe he’s confusing the things some orthodox Jews wear on their head? That and the Hindu mark are the only ones I can think of.

  • Scott Hanley

    I have yet to see an Arab put the name of god on his/her head.

    Funny, because I immediately thought of Ash Wednesday …

  • rabbitscribe

    Yes, it is not what many Muslims put on their forehead.

  • This guy’s a former PLO operative?

    Even if he had never been a Muslim himself, he’d had to have hung around some st PLO meetings. Surely, he would have noticed what they put on their heads.

  • Well, it does make sense. Yahweh = Allah, and Yahweh was the one who sent Jesus to get nailed to a cross. That must be some awkward family talks around the dinner table.

  • felicis

    Greek numbering is pretty simple – one set of letters for 1-9, another for 10-90, and a third for 100-900 – but otherwise similar to Roman numerals.

    666 in (ancient) Greek is χξF – chi – xi – digamma, basically pronounced ch-x-f… Not quite sure how you’re going to get ‘Allah’ out of that… Arabic numerals don’t correspond to letters either, so…

  • dmcclean,

    “Because I did a google search for the Arabic spelling of Allah and it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the number 666.”

    It does. I’ll prove it. First you take the first 6 and replace it is “Al.” Then since 6 is a mirror image of 9, you replace the second 6 with “al.” Lastly, as all mathematicians know, when a number ends in 6, the last six is silent, just like the ‘h’ in ‘allah.’ So using the substitution property since 6 = h, the ‘Alla6’ = ‘Allah’. And there you have it. I hope that clears things up for you.

  • Wow, holytape, that’s amazing.

    Also, while I don’t condone what we might call “ad nomen” arguments, I’d just like to point out for the record that we are here discussing the opinions of a man named Shoebat. That is all.

  • jnorris

    A: Obama = Antichrist

    B: Allah = Antichrist

    QED: Obama = Allah

    Perfectly clear to me, but why do the Christians keep inviting him to the National Prayer Breakfast?

  • 666 = The Beast

    668 = Allah, the next door neighbour of the beast.

    But srsly, the fundies are wrong, the numbers are not 666, but 616, as found in early Greek versions of John’s “What I Did After I Ate the Mushrooms”

  • roundguy

    Wouldn’t god have explained the arabic bit to john so everyone could avoid the confusion?

  • UnknownEric is just a spudboy, looking for a quantum tomato.

    Meanwhile, Johnny Rotten sighs deeply and says, “You know, I’m still right over here!”

  • Wait, a fundie Christian talking about overwhelming evidence despite people being skeptical about results? Hey, Shoebat, every biologist to study evolution for the past hundred and fifty years is at the door, they want to speak to…oh wait. Fundie Christian. And here I was expecting consistent logic for some reason.

  • freemage

    This isn’t really all that new of a theory, nor is it particularly non-mainstream; it’d be more precise to call it ‘outdated’. After all, this was pretty much the central theme of The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis–hardly a non-mainstream author in Christian circles. Tash is the god worshipped by the Calormen (who just happen to be utterly Arab/Persian in appearance). During the novel, a cult arises in Narnia around a false Aslan (the stand-in in the novels for Christ) who proceeds to teach that Aslan and Tash are one being (called Tashlan, thereafter). This causes the end of the world as Aslan decides to kill everyone and sort out the faithful from the unfaithful. At one point, Aslan declares explicitly that he and Tash are ‘opposites’, so that every good deed done in Tash’s name is actually to Aslan’s credit, while every evil deed committed by a follower of Aslan is due to Tash. Sounding familiar?

    (Of course, this book also contains the absurd portrayal of atheism, represented by a bunch of dwarves who, having figured out that Tashlan is a lie, decide that all gods are lies, and thereafter refuse, to the point of hallucination, to see that they’ve been delivered out of a death-trap into a pastoral meadow.)

  • mvemjsun

    Allah is the God of Abraham. So is Yahweh. And so is the Father. So Allah=Antichrist means Jesus’ daddy=Antichrist. We all know that Allah aka Yahweh aka the Father is an evil @#$%!*. But apparently these idiots do not know they are insulting their own imaginary friend. They better be prepared to miss out on their imaginary blessings from him and hope he does not go on one of his killing sprees he is prone to when he gets angry.

  • Olav

    Do these people even know that Christian and Jewish Arabic speakers also say “Allah” when referring to the Abrahamic deity? I suppose Mr. Shoebat MUST be aware.

    It is easy really. Germanic speakers say God/Got/Gott or some variation. Latin speakers say Deus, Dios, Dieu et cetera. Speakers of semitic languages say Eloh(im) or Allah. Regardless of their actual religion, the same entity is meant.

  • iangould

    So how did this slip past the millions of Arabic-speaking Christians who use Allah as the name of their God?

  • michaelcrichton

    “Um. What? Muslims put the name of Allah on their forehead? Perhaps he’s thinking of Catholics and Ash Wednesday? WTF?”

    Actually, this is one of the few things that Shoebat isn’t entirely full of excrement about. It’s common for shi’a muslims to touch their foreheads to little discs of clay called turbah ( ) during their prayers. They usually have the shahadda or some other qur’anic verse written on them, therefore the name Allah. And there is an irreverent joke in Arabic about the person who prays so vigorously that they stamp the writing into their forehead, so there you go.

  • bad Jim

    Silly atheist that I am, I would have thought that if two groups each held the belief that there was only one god, they would both have to agree they were talking about the same god, there being no other god to talk about.

    That great theologian George Washington was certainly of that opinion, and wrote that Christians, Jews, Mahometans and Hindoos alike (and American Indians) worshiped the same god, which goes to show he was just another Unitarian like Franklin, Adams and Jefferson.

    If we want to get silly about names, the tetragrammaton YHWH made it into Latin as “Iehovah” which would then have been pronounced Yay-Hoe-Wa, probably not the right vowels, but otherwise consistent with earlier tradition. V’s sound changed, and I’s variant J took on other duties in a few languages, and now we have “Jay-Hoe-Va”. No wonder God doesn’t respond to our prayers. He thinks we’re talking to someone else. (The Old Testament strongly suggests that God Himself is not Unitarian.)

  • iangould

    Wouldn’t writing the word “Allah” on your forehead be a form of idolatry?