Worldnutdaily ‘Exclusively’ Quotes Limbaugh

Remember the post recently about how annoying it is when a media outlet calls something “exclusive” when it isn’t? The Worldnutdaily is taking this to whole new heights, calling a story “exclusive” when all they did was quote something Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show.

It was only last week that Time magazine likened radio giant Rush Limbaugh to a pope, saying the conservative icon was “like a pope granting absolution” to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on the immigration issue.

And with today’s stunning announcement by 85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI that he was stepping down from his position for health reasons, Limbaugh wasted no time clowning about the connection.

“I have been urged to make an announcement to the Democrats in the audience to assure you Democrats I am not stepping down,” Limbaugh said with tongue in cheek as he opened his top-rated program Monday.

“With the reports that the pope is resigning, there were millions of confused Democrats, I’m told this morning, because it was the last thing they thought I would ever do. I have no plans to step down.

Wow, what an “exclusive” story. I’m sure no other wingnut website will quote something Limbaugh said on his radio show. You’re the first ones to ever think of that! Congratulations!

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  • Didaktylos

    So if a story is covered by only one media outlet because everybody else thought that they couldn’t find a barge long enough, they get to claim it as an “exclusive”?

  • andrewryan

    I remember here in the UK a while back a magazine had on its front cover: “World Exclusive! Helen and Paul to split”.

    Helen and Paul were a couple who had got together in the previous year’s Big Brother. The joke for me was the ‘World’ part of the headline. As if any publication in another country would be interested in the love life of a couple only famous due to the UK version of a reality TV show.

  • Modusoperandi

    It was only last week that Time magazine likened radio giant Rush Limbaugh to a pope…”

    And yet with coverage this insightful and profound, it’s still whatever the opposite of “flying off bookshelves” is.


    …saying the conservative icon was ‘like a pope granting absolution’ to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on the immigration issue.

    And then he went right back to Hispanic-baiting. Real Pope-like.

  • Ouabache

    What a silly story too. Rush isn’t a pope. Rush is more like an imam.

  • Area Man

    World News Exclusive! Rush Limbaugh is such an egotistical assburp that when the Pope resigns it’s all about Rush Limbaugh.