Brave Farah Risks His Life to Tell the Truth

Worldnutdaily owner Joseph Farah is a very brave man. Clad only in the armor of God to protect him, he courageously tells the truth despite great risk. And the truth he speaks is that President Obama is, of course, trying to destroy the country and turns it into a communist hellhole.

I write this column with a certain amount of trepidation, knowing the subject not only believes he has the power to order targeted assassinations of American citizens, but has actually already misused that perceived authority.

So here goes.

I have come to the conclusion that nearly everything Barack Obama does under the color of his authority as president is designed to weaken our country economically, militarily and morally.

To reinforce just how brave an act this is, remember that just last summer the forces of evil were using drones to spy on him as he walked his dog. And he went on the Alex Jones radio show and said that if Obama is reelected “we will be hunted down like dogs.” I, for one, salute this heroic truth teller. I only wish that I had such courage.

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