Welcome Eric MacDonald to FTB

We have a new blogger, Eric MacDonald of Choice in Dying. I’m really excited about this because end-of-life issues are important to me. I’ve lost several loved ones in situations that involved withdrawing life support and letting them die peacefully as they wished rather than continue to keep their bodies alive for no reason. His personal story is a remarkable one, as is his advocacy for greater control and dignity over the process of dying. Please welcome him to the network!

"This is just his way of getting attention again."

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  • http://anffyddiaeth.blogspot.co.uk Dylan Llyr

    This is very nice news. I admire both Eric’s blog (I lurk), and FTB (where I also mainly lurk). Ideal combination.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    This is a SCORE. GOOOOOOOOAL! Great blog that I have read off and on for many years.

  • grasshopper

    Hey, StCynic .. I mentioned Eric MacDonald to you once or thrice when I was a regular at #american-politics. I thought he was a natural for your “stable”. It is good to see him here. Now if you can only get Jerry Coyne on board here too, we might “see” the textual spectacle of hot-atheist jelly-wrestling between them, free will permitting.

    By-the-bye, Chrys Stevenson at

    Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear is worth checking out.

    She’s another bloody aussie, but she doesn’t bite and isn’t poisonous.


  • http://www.facebook.com/KristyVensson chrysstevenson

    I bloody well, DO bite! Haven’t you seen the teeth marks in Jim Wallace’s (Australian Christian Lobby) behind? 😉 Glad you like the blog, grasshopper.