Pat Boone Pushes Christian Scam

I’ll give the fundies this: They never seem to run out of ways to fleece the credulous. Pat Boone is helping push a new Christian scam, selling one square foot pieces of property in Galilee to believers who want to feel like they own a piece of the holy land:

As part of the Jewish collective, and especially as the writer of “This Land Is Mine,” he said, he wanted to buy a plot of land in the Galilee that could be his in a real, rather than an emotional, sense.

This and a conversation with some Israeli friends led to the idea of selling 1-square foot plots and their GPS coordinates to American supporters of Israel in order to give them a stake in the land.

Even though most of those who buy will not come in person, he said, “you can go online and see it through Google Maps.” Those who do come in person can use their personal GPS units to find their spot and stand on it.

Boone said the Galilee region, between Nazareth and Lake Kinneret, was his favorite place in Israel because “Jesus as a young man walked between the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth,” and the plots are situated where he passed.

That would go really well with some of that “holy water” from the Jordan river (really from a municipal water system in the US, of course) given out by “faith-healing” frauds like Peter Popoff. PT Barnum was right.

"They don't read their own bible, do you really expect them to read a dictionary?"

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