Delgaudio Recall Drive Begins

A group of people in Loudon County, Virginia has begun a recall drive to get Eugene Delgaudio, the absolutely deranged anti-gay nut, out of his position as one of the county’s supervisors. The group is holding a meeting at a local library to plan their petition drive.

A newly formed group motivated by the goal of ousting Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) has formed and has scheduled a town hall meeting at 3 p.m. Feb. 16 at the Sterling Library.

“It is imperative that the people of Sterling take every measure available by law to prevent Eugene Delgaudio from continuing to expose the county to additional legal liability, to misuse county resources, and to deny the people of Sterling the representation that they deserve,” a press release from Sterling Deserves Better reads. “This town hall will explain and begin the petition to recall the Sterling supervisor who does not represent the priorities of Sterling residents.”

Delgaudio is reportedly the target of a grand jury investigation into whether he violated the law by using county resources to fund his political campaigns. Can’t wait to see the next fundraising email from Delgaudio, which will surely demand that he be sent money to fight off the attacks of Satan himself.

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  • shallit

    If there’s a way to donate, please post it.

  • jnorris

    If the recall fails I bet Delgaudio moves to close the county libraries.

  • dugglebogey

    Would be better if he was being recalled just for being a bigot, but that never happens.

  • eamick

    It’s spelled Loudoun.

  • unbound

    Actually, the stated reason to recall Delgaudio applies to pretty much the entire Board of Supervisors. I don’t think the recall effort will work…after all, we keep voting these idiots back into office despite the constant problems they cause.

  • I believe Delgaudio is claiming he’s under attack for being one of the few politicians who will stand up for the family and that the recall is organized by the shadowy homosexual lobby

  • Draken
  • It struck me recently, while perusing yet another of Delgaudio’s insane e-mail rants, that he could serve as a kind of gay dating service. According to Delgaudio himself, no one on the face of the earth is stalked by as many gay people as he is. Anyone looking for a same-sex match should hover in Delgaudio’s vicinity and just wait for one of his thousands of gay stalkers to stroll by. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds!

  • slc1

    Delgaudio is only one of the nutcases in Virginia politics. We also have Robert Marshall and Koo Koo Ken Cuccinelli who are every bit as whacky as Delgaudio.i.