Russia Gets Ten Commandments Party

There’s a new political party in Russia and it may sound familiar to you: The Ten Commandments Party. And it has members of all three Abrahamic religions coming together to call for laws to force moral purity on the people of that country. Interfax reports:

The inaugural congress of the Russian Ten Commandments Party took place in Moscow.

The total of 134 delegates from 45 Russian subjects, including Christians of different confessions, Muslims, and Jews, participated in the inaugural congress on February 17. The political council, the decision making body of the party, was headed by Sergey Mezentsev, Ph.D.

“I hope that your activity will help to restore moral values, God’s Ten Commandments in the everyday political life, in the life of our society. I hope that you will stay faithful to these God’s Commandments, that you’ll be able to unite a considerable number of people,” chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said at the congress…

“We need a real moral revolution, or counterrevolution. The moral values should return to political, economic life, to interpersonal relations,” the priest said.

Head of the Russian Muslim Department for Working with Public Organizations Ahmad Makarov said that morals were being degraded, and the Pussy Riot performance in the Christ the Savior Cathedral, which insulted not only Orthodox believers, but “all of us”, proves it.

“Unfortunately, a lot of our citizens consider civil state to be a display of militant secularism, which is unavoidably related to the destruction of the traditional cultures of our country’s people. No religion will be able to respond adequately to all these challenges on its own,” Makarov said.

Yeah, so let’s form one big party and bring all three brands of religious authoritarianism together. This rhetoric about moral values should sound familiar to you. In this country, the Ten Commandments Party is called the Republican Party — not because they actually follow them, of course, but only because they are willing to exploit them for political gain.

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  • Fascinating. A 30-second impromptu punk performance in a major church aimed at the country’s authoritarian ruler and his authoritarian allies makes authoritarians wet themselves in panic that they may be losing their influence.

    Pussy Riot accomplished quite a bit with that stunt.

  • davidct

    How much do you want to bet that most of the people who are so in favor of the ten commandments cannot list them. Of course they can be forgiven because there are different lists in the great book of multiple choice. Since one of them outlaws thought crime (coveting), the list is not much good for any concept of personal freedom.

  • In America, a bunch of uptight busybodies tell you what you can and can’t do with your body. In 10-Commandment Russia, a bunch of uptight busybodies tell you … Oh, never mind.

  • glodson

    I am a part of the One Commandment Party.

    The Commandment is: God Needs Booze.

  • Remindme again why we worked so hard to win the Cold War and get rid of Communist tyranny?

  • @glodson #4 – I’m not so sure about that: the last time God got drunk, He raped that poor girl.

  • glodson
  • azportsider

    Gort Simpson?

  • Please tell me they used the Cecil B. DeMille version of the commandments. That would be epic fail.

  • Draken

    I fear though that the times are ripe in Russia to give this party a chance- if Putin ever dies, of course.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    How’s that “no graven images” rule working out for y’all in the land of iconolatry?

  • Raging Bee “Remindme again why we worked so hard to win the Cold War and get rid of Communist tyranny?”

    Because the godless Communists were godless Communists. This is just another good sign at how well we won.

  • mvemjsun

    There should Be one commandment “God is BS” and the penalty for not believing it: commitment to your local Psyc ward.

  • imrryr

    @Raging Bee – Because that was a left-wing dictatorship. Russia is now moving towards a right-wing dictatorship. Totally different.

    / end snark