Trump’s Empty Lawsuit Threats

Donald Trump is threatening to sue the guy who started a petition drive to get Macy’s to stop selling his products and using him in their ads, absurdly claiming that the effort is “tortious interference” with his business. It’s a sad attempt to intimidate.

Angelo Carusone, who set up the ‘Dump Trump’ campaign last year, received a letter from Trump’s attorney warning of “a major, multimillion dollar lawsuit” unless Carusone stops attempting to “tortiously interfere with Mr Trump’s business and contractual relationships”.

On Tuesday, Trump’s attorney told the Guardian that Carusone was “a loser” but it would appear that the business tycoon’s latest threat of legal action – he is already in the process of suing comedian Bill Maher over claims of orangutan-heritage – has already backfired, with Carusone promising to take his campaign to “the next level” over the coming weeks and months…

“I am litigation counsel to Donald J Trump and hereby demand that you immediately cease your malicious efforts to tortiously interfere with Mr Trump’s business and contractual relationships,” Garten wrote. “Failing which we will have no choice but to commence a major, multi-million dollar lawsuit against you, your organisation and co-conspirators.”

The letter, dated 27 December, said Carusone’s conduct had “far exceed[ed] anything protected by the Constitution” in seeking to disrupt Trump’s business relationship with Macy’s “through mob-like bullying and coercion”.

Oh, nonsense. If that were true, it would be true of every boycott campaign ever undertaken. This is just Trump trying to play mafia, sending in his well-dressed goons to threaten someone who isn’t doing what he wants them to do.

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  • Didaktylos

    I would have thought that the orangutans would have the greater justification in suing …

  • Randomfactor

    Wherever the petitioner lives, I hope they have a SLAPP suit law that can bite Trump in his multiply-bankrupt ass.

  • Michael Heath

    Donald Trump seems to get his legal advice from a publicist who believes all types of media coverage regarding his clients is a winning strategy; even when it exposes your client as a orangutan buffoon. [Sincere apologies to all orangutans and all apes in general – including humans.]

  • Steve the Drunk Unicyclist

    I would recommend Carusone contact a lawyer, and start two actions:

    1. a SLAPP countersuit against Trump, and

    2. A barratry complaint to the Bar against Trump’s lawyer.

  • machintelligence

    The reply given in Arkell vs Pressdram would also be appropriate,

  • jnorris

    Next, Mr Trump will sue everyone who does not buy his merchandize.

  • MikeMa

    Trump had to expect that his action might result in some amount of negative publicity. That bad press would certainly hurt his standing with Macy’s or any other outlet where his presence is linked. So if trump wished to improve his image, not suing would have been the wiser course. Giving money to Carusone’s group would have gone a long way to mitigating the PR mess.

    Trump has acted against his own best interest out of ignorance or fear. Or both. Well played Donald!

  • The weird thing is that Macy’s thought that teaming up with Trump improved their brand. Poopybumcrapdripdrip Diapers*, sure, but Macy’s?


    * ♪ ♫ Poo-pee! Poopybumcrap! Poo-pee! Drip drip! Poopybumbcrap. Drip drip! It’s the diaper…oh, it’s the diaper…it’s the diaper. That leaks. ♪ ♫

  • Johnny Vector

    Dammit Modusoperandi, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to give away the internets already today.

  • The Dongald already backed off:

    It’s an empty lawsuit from an empty suit.

  • harold

    The weird thing is that Macy’s thought that teaming up with Trump improved their brand.

    Trump made a living for many years as a comedian performance artist, pretending to be a stereotypical “business tycoon” with humorous eccentricities.

    The actual “businesses” tended to go bankrupt but the TV contracts kept rolling in.

    Early ridicule of Trump in the 1980’s, for his appearance, vulgarity, and tacky projects, actually made him a mildly sympathetic clownish figure, at least in the New York media market.

    However, his meltdown into racist birtherism and Tea Party lunacy has badly damaged his comedy brand.

    He has a few months or years of “celebrity” left – basically, his disgraced descent into irrelevance – but once he hits the irrelevance mark, that will be the end of that.

    A marginally interesting question is whether he has any actual real money. It’s easy to ride around in a limo if a TV studio or investors in a project that hasn’t quite gone bankrupt yet are paying the bills.

  • madrone

    There should never be a mention of the lawsuit against Bill Maher without a link to Mr Maher’s response:

  • gridironmonger


    often Maher’s guests seem to laugh at the socially-appropriate laugh-pauses, but Krauss, Bashir, et al were REALLY laughing at The Donald.

  • dan4

    I really hope Garten’s reputation in the legal community is damaged by what he did here (It certainly deserves to be).

  • opsarchangel99

    what’s the harm of little idi*ts?

  • oranje

    Trump’s flinging is just proving Maher’s point…

  • Pieter B, FCD


    It’s an empty lawsuit from an empty suit.

    Well played, dc.

  • Macy’s is selling dead cats as head gear??