Ooh, a New Wingnut Group: Project 2026

I’d never heard about Project 2026 until this week, when its leader, Alex McFarland, appeared on Bryan Fischer’s radio show. The goal is stop the entirely fictitious cabal made up of gays, atheists, humanists and Muslims, who are allegedly working together to “secularize America.”

McFarland: There is a remnant, there is hope, there are still some people who know how to pray and call on Heaven but we are right now ripe for either a manifestation of God’s judgment or God’s mercy.

Fischer: Alex, you’ve got Project 2026, I want you to talk a little bit about Project 2026 because in this project you’re not just talking about what’s going on in 2013, you’re looking ahead, a forward view. 2026 is going to be the 250th anniversary of our founding, what is Project 2026 all about?

McFarland: It’s a response, it’s a fifteen year program and we are beginning to get a lot of momentum, it’s a fifteen year program to re-remind our culture about some things that are core that I believe without the rediscovery and reaffirmation of these things we’re going to lose democracy: God; life; morality; family; freedom of religion; American exclusivism, not that we’re better or deserve better but we are unique on the stage of human history. The thing that prompted me Bryan is the four groups that are actively working to secularize and destroy America: humanists; atheists; militant homosexuals; and Muslims. All four of these groups got major momentum beginning in the ’60s and ’70s but they dug in their heels and they said: ‘we’re going to work forty years and we’re going to mainstream atheism; we’re going to mainstream militant homosexuality; dare we say it we’re going to see gay marriage legitimized.’ Why can’t God’s people dig in their heels and say: ‘we’re in it for the duration and America will not die on our watch.’

So let’s see…the Muslims are trying to institute Sharia law in the United States, which would put gays and atheists to death because their religion demands it, which is why those groups are working together in order to secularize America. Do these morons even listen to themselves? Or is it all just a big game of Madlibs?

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  • roggg

    Well, that’s new. The Muslims are working to mainstream atheism, legitimize gay marriage, and secularize the US. And they’ve made some progress going back 50 years. You find allies in the most unlikely places I guess.

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    Do these morons even listen to themselves? Or is it all just a big game of Madlibs?

    Chris Rodda made a point once when she was interviewed for either Ed’s first show (Declaring Independence) or Reasonable Doubts years ago. She was asked how all these different conspiracy theorists could work together when the details of their individual theories contradicted each others. her answer was that, to them, it really doesn’t matter if the details don’t work because they’re not the point. So long as the end goal is the same it’s kosher.

    I think the same is happening here; sure to anyone rational fundamentalist Muslims looking to install Sharia law would not find ally’s among atheists, gays or secularists in general since at the their core they are in conflict. That doesn’t really matter to Fischer or McFarland though because all of those groups are Satan’s puppets thus they are all working together for the same goal, knowingly too. The details are ultimately irrelevant to them.

  • some bastard on the net

    Now, Ed, dontcha know that True Patriotism™ requires a belief in Christianity (not including Mormonism)? Therefore it follows that non-Christians are not True Patriots™ and therefore must be working together to bring down our God-Blessed Nation (since they secretly believe the same things, no matter what they say about each other).

  • Do these morons even listen to themselves? Or is it all just a big game of Madlibs?

    Binary thinking. When you believe that the world is divided into exactly two camps: Team Yahweh and Team Satan, anyone who isn’t in your camp must be part of Team Satan. The fact radical Muslims have conflicting goals with gays and atheists doesn’t even make a dent in their thinking.

  • imrryr

    If I were them I’d call it Project 2026 BC

  • Looks like Jeremy beat me to it.

    What’s the significance of the year 2026? Is that the next predicted apocalypse? Is that year they hope to replace the Constitution with the Bible?

  • There were times 20 or so years ago when I would have intense feelings of paranoia and whipped up all kinds of impossible conspiracy theories in my head.

    But then, you know, the acid would wear off and I’d be normal again.

  • Yellow Thursday

    d.c. wilson @6

    What’s the significance of the year 2026?

    It’s far enough away that they don’t have to do anything that actually takes effort, but it’s near enough to rally followers to do whatever it is they want them to (such as donate money). It’s also far enough away that they can be vague on exactly what they think is going to happen that year.

  • Larry

    Sounds like the perfect opportunity to beg for money from the sheep faithful.

  • That’s quite the shadowy cabal who have worked long and hard manipulating governments and people to achieve their dastardly long term agenda… Marriage.

  • muadib

    I haven’t seen the term American exclusivism before. How is that supposed to be a good thing, or in any way representative of our past?

  • tubi

    2026 is also 250 years from 1776.

  • Muadib, I’ve never heard that term either, so I had to Google it.

    The first result was this http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/postmodernconservative/2010/02/26/two-concepts-of-exceptionalism/ and it states…

    American exclusivism, on the other hand, holds that the United States effectively represents and defends the only significant values, or at least the supreme ones. From this point of view, America is, as such, on the side of the angels. It can perhaps do wrong, but it can never be wrong.

  • “American Exclusivism” = “America, fuck yeah!”

  • raven

    Us Xianity is on trend to go below 50% of the US population around 2030-2040/

    Who is driving that is…Bryan Fischer and the like. When xian became synonymous with liar, hater, moron, crazy, and sometimes killer, a lot of people didn’t want to be one any more.

    The US xians do seem to be getting more extreme too. When hate and lies aren’t working, all they can think of is to double down.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne


    Right. They think of themselves as restoring the Godly Biblical basis upon which the nation was founded, so a roundish patriotic anniversary is very appealing to them.

  • Michael Heath

    Andrew Sullivan debated confederate theocrat (libertarian*?) Douglas Wilson on gay marriage recently. It’s on YouTube. Wilson’s primary argument, not a peripheral one, is that we shouldn’t allow gay marriage because that’s a slippery slope to polygamy. While that’s a typical argument, it’s not usually a primary argument but instead a secondary one. But this is where it gets interesting.

    Wilson argued in that debate (during the Q&A when the second female asked him a question), that the threat of polygamy would come from Muslims, where legalizing such would result in Muslim hordes immigrating to our country.

    So to protect American from the Muslims, we need to deny gays their right to marry. Plus the Bible told him its wrong, that was his two primary planks in an argument where the topic was not on gay marriage, but instead and very specifically, gays access to civil marriage.

    Sullivan shouldn’t debate nuts.

    *I don’t know this guy, but he referred to his positions on economic matters and I think regulation using the term libertarian. Of course many libertarians would argue one can’t be both a theocrat and a libertarian, that describing someone like that is similar to describing President Obama as an atheist Muslim. However I have encountered self-proclaimed libertarians who effectively promoted theocracy. This guy made a few statements that seems to put him in that camp.

  • Considering how many elderly are in that group, 2026 seems an awful reach.

  • “Of course many libertarians would argue one can’t be both a theocrat and a libertarian”

    I take it they haven’t met Rand Paul?

  • Doug Little

    Dammit why do the homosexuals get the militant tag. I’m a militant atheist and proud of it.

  • freemage

    What I love is the notion that the secularization is going precisely according to plan–we were gonna work for it for forty years, and now here it is! And according to the quote, we should be able to throw the victory party in just a bit, right?

  • Doug Little: We militant homosexuals have snappier uniforms and our marching drills are right out of a Busby Berkeley movie. And just try to take away are shiny chrome guns the pearl handles.

    Just once I would like to hear a wingnut define a word like “militant” or “socialist”.

    I did hear an interview between Alan Colmes and the head of Gun Nuts for America where Colmes kept correcting the guys definitions of words like that but he just kept plowing ahead.