Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Bryan Fischer

If you want the best example of weapons-grade projection strong enough to win the Bryan Fischer Award, sometimes you just have to go to the original: Bryan Fischer. On his radio show this week he claimed that “secular fundamentalists” are the “American taliban.”


Now remember, Fischer is the guy who claims that the First Amendment only applies to Christians, that no one else has the freedom to believe what they want to believe unless the Christians give them permission to do so. Which is exactly like the Taliban, which enforced that exact idea for Muslims.

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  • Phillip IV

    I guess he starts out with the assumption that everyone is secretly fanatic and intolerant – like he is – and that all statements to the contrary are just convenient lies – like his are. And on that basis he naturally feels that humanists would, given half a chance, treat him as poorly as he would treat them in the same situation – and that’s damn poorly indeed. No wonder he’s growing ever more paranoid.

  • MikeMa

    I like that the backdrop for Fischer’s video is the constitution, something he clearly has not read or understood.

    Kind of like having a Kardashian photographed in front of Harvard or Brown.

  • Imagine if Fischer’s nightmare came true and atheists did control things. Can you picture the horror as no one is ever forced to pay taxes to support a religion they don’t believe and laws are debated on how they impact the public good rather than whether some Bronze Age shepherd would approve of it?


  • uzza

    If you’re going to compare two things, at least know something about one of them.

    To Muslims Jesus is a great prophet second only to Mohammed, so saying they want to remove all mention of him is like saying Christians want to forbid all mention saint Peter. FFS.

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    @ 3. d.c. wilson : Actually not so much “terrifying: but rather delightful thought there.

    @ 4. uzza : Or of Moses who all three Abrahamic religions kinda think highly of too so I gather.

    @ Ed Brayton OP :

    Fischer is the guy who claims that the First Amendment only applies to Christians, that no one else has the freedom to believe what they want to believe unless the Christians give them permission to do so.

    Outta sheer morbid curiosity, exactly where does Fischer think that is written in the USA Constitution? Because even this ignorant Aussie is pretty sure that ain’t what that says.

  • Possible Imposter

    When the term ‘Taliban’ became commonly known among

    Americans, almost the first variation that appeared was

    ‘Talibaptist’. I think this should be resurrected.

  • peterh

    Just whatinthehell is a “secular fundamentalist”?

  • Ulysses

    A secular fundamentalist is an atheist who says things Fischer disagrees with.

  • Childermass

    L. Sprague de Camp wrote in 1941 novel based on his shorter 1939 story, Lest Darkness Fall.:

    “Religious Persecution. We won’t stand for it forever.”

    “I though the Goths let everybody worship as they pleased.”

    “That’s just it! We Orthodox are forced to stand around and watch Arians and Monophysites and Nestarians and Jews going about their business unmolested, as if they owned the country. If that isn’t persecution, I’d like to know what is!”

    “You mean that you’re persecuted because heretics and such are not?”

    “Certainly, isn’t that obvious? We wont’ stand– What’s your religion, by the way?”

    The plotting and characterizations are more than a bit forced in this book as one might expect from early SF, but this dialog can’t but remind me of Ed’s Bryan Fischer Award.

  • anubisprime

    peterh @ 7

    Just whatinthehell is a “secular fundamentalist”?

    In fundy layman terms…a scary and awesome character that has the power to see right through fundy lies and boasts.

    It does not bow a knee to mythological nonsense and it seems to regard those that do with abject pity.

    They also laugh at jeebus sunbeams and god does not smite them as often as could be wished.

    It must mean that have superpowers that block god’s will therefore must be demonic and they walk among the faithful without fear, truly frightening and scary in the extreme.

    There is no one from the xtian fundamentalist staff that can combat them, they are immune to scripture and they have no fear of god.

    They are more scary then Muslim fundamentalists that at least have belief in another sky fairy!

    A “secular fundamentalist” is impossible to control with the word of god, they are generally a lot more astute then xtians prefer and they usually ignore xtians even when we stamp footsies in a tantrum.

    They are always evil, mostly liberal and always atheist in world view…and we hateses’ them we really does, because we cannot control them, and what is worse they understand how we scam our victims!

    They see right through us!…and that is the scariest thing of all!

  • caseloweraz

    In addition to what Anubisprime wrote, a “secular fundamentalist”, as opposed to a religious fundamentalist (and aren’t they always?), is someone who bases his or her views on objective reality rather than on some holy book.

    I find it interesting that the term “fundamentalist” is now being applied by xtians to atheists and agnostics. It seems an aspect of projection in which they transfer the terms used to describe themselves onto their opponents. Another example would be “industry” — used here yesterday or the day before to refer to the “abortion industry”, or, in a video clip on Climate Progress, to the “environmental industry.” The latter, I guess, is the “industry” which seeks to preserve a livable environment, in contrast to the industry (actually industries) whose practices are destroying it.

  • peterh

    In which I am still convinced people hate most in others (or at least project onto others) what they fear most in themselves.

  • birgerjohansson


    Yes. Look at all those fundies who go crazy about gay weddings… and are later revealed to be closet homosexuals. Fundies who are upset about sexuality? Check out their web surfing habits…