Madness, Mayhem and Charity

Several of the FTB crew, including Aron Ra and Zinnia Jones, are helping out with a marathon charity on Blog TV on April 6 and 7. It’s all done to raise money for AIDS vaccine research, which is certainly a cause near and dear to my heart. I’ve lost too many friends and loved ones that way. You can check out the Facebook page and then watch at the link above on April 6-7.

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  • Gregory in Seattle

    As someone involved in HIV vaccine research (I’m on the Community Advisory Board for the Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials Unit), I’m curious to know who will be the beneficiary of the marathon? Our network* is entirely funded by the National Institutes of Health and, to my knowledge, does not have for accepting private donations. I know that we aren’t the only group doing this research, though, and I’d like to help promote them.

    * The Seattle unit is part of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, coordinated by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

  • devchelle2

    Funds are being raised for International Aids Vaccine Initiative and for International HIV/AIDS Alliance. There are links available on the facebook page for further research as well as a video containing the links to the donation sites, and past marathons easily accessible.

  • JustaTech

    Hi Gregory! I used to work for that group (peripherally, my lab was developing models to test other people’s vaccines), downstairs from the statistical analysis group. Everyone I knew was doing good work, but I was glad to leave the politicing and the technical in-fighting.

    I heard that they’ve expanded their volunteer subject pool to include trans women with the gay men, which is cool.