Beck’s Gang Under ‘Spiritual Attack’

Glenn Beck pulled out one of the tried and true false claims that all religious right con men use, usually when they’ve been caught doing something very wrong (Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, etc): I’m under “spiritual attack” by the forces of darkness.


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  • Ulysses

    Glen Beck isn’t surrounded by darkness. He is darkness, a truly evil man who hates humanity.

  • It’s funny that Beck blames progressives for things like denying fair trials and warrants when it was conservatives like him–including him–who were championing that crap under Bush; calling progressives who were warning that those rights might end up being denied to innocent citizens as well if we started saying “terrorists” could be denied them unpatriotic traitors.

  • I wonder what the Forces of Darkness made him do.

  • raven

    I assume the solution to being spiritually attacked by the forces of darkness is….to send Glenn Beck more money.

    Glenn Beck has made something like $100 million in recent years by upping the crazy.

    PS The guy is so dark himself, probably, the Forces of Darkness are scared of him instead. If anyone could make demons look good, it is Glenn Beck.

  • tfkreference

    I’m under a spiritual attack right now – the spirit is last night’s bourbon, which truly is a force of darkness.

  • Phillip IV

    It’s a convenient excuse for religious con-men to use – it’s just kinda odd how often these Men of God seem to actually pay people to, uhm, “spiritually attack” them.

  • dan4

    “Who’s defining terror?”

    Funny, I don’t remember Beck asking this question during the last administration…and it’s not like the opportunity didn’t arise, what with the “war on terror” coinage and all.

  • donalbain

    Huhuhuhuhuhuh. He said he had someone in his inner core!

  • mikeyb

    So what is the big scandal. Did a psychologist tell Beck his melancholy, narcissism and paranoia won’t dampen down if he keeps refusing to take his meds?

  • redmann


    Glen Beck isn’t surrounded by darkness. He is darkness, a truly evil man who hates humanity.

    Yes, he is a force of darkness and that darkness is stupid.

  • Wes

    Why the hell is an ad for some bullshit rip off perpetual motion machine showing up on the top left of the screen for me? Does “Power4Patriots” really hope to move a lot of their obviously bogus merchandise here?

  • lorn

    As pointed out those sorts of claims, about spiritual attack, are usually leveled shortly after some incontrovertible and deeply damning evidence has come to light. May I gleefully conclude that a video of Beck screwing a goat, an underage and male goat, is soon to surface?

  • lancifer


    I’m worried about you. Really.

    You spend a lot>/i> of time watching, listening to and reading about so many right wing loons. I had never even heard of most of these dim wits until I came here. (Larry Klayman for example).

    It can’t be good for you.

    Now that Glenn Beck is off of Fox News I couldn’t even tell you where you might find him, yet you are devoting time and blog space to this marginal (at best) nut wig.

    I know you find these numbnut righties amusing but isn’t there something more important that you could be devoting this time to, and bringing to your reader’s attention?

  • lancifer

    Oops. Tag fail!


  • otrame

    Lancifer, how many thousand people showed up for Glen Beck’s little demo in Washington a while back? He’s a darling to a small but not insignificant portion of the population.

    It is true that he is fun to make fun of, but far more importantly, it is always good to know what your enemy is up to.

  • bluentx

    Why the hell is an ad for some bullshit rip off perpetual motion machine showing up on the top left of the screen for me?

    Because Beck (perhaps) owns the PMM company and The Beck is everywhere?

    I know, sounds creepy but we are talking about Glenn ‘I’m Just In It For The Money’ Beck after all and for a while there he did seem omniscient (TV, radio,internet..).


  • lancifer


    I guess some one needs to keep an eye on these loons.

    Better Ed than me.

  • blf

    Why the hell is an ad for some bullshit rip off perpetual motion machine showing up…

    Beck defies logic, therefore anyone who takes him serious is extremely gullible, and might just be stoopid enough to buy a machine that defies physics.

  • The “perpetual motion machine” has a hand-crank on the side with a sign that says “OBAMA HATES IT WHEN YOU TURN THIS HANDLE”.

  • blf

    Where is the website for the attacking Forces of Darkness™©? A donation might be in order…

    We could send one of those perpetual motion machines to Beck and say that if he doesn’t turn the handle enough times then the Forces of Darkness™© will win, making Obama president for life with all the guns confiscated and the UN patrolling the streets. He (Beck) will get another personal message direct from the heavens when the handle’s been turned enough times. It’s all up to Beck to Save the World. Crank, Beck-baby, Crank!

  • Ichthyic

    It can’t be good for you.

    you know what?

    I’d consider first that this being Ed’s personal Blog, Ed himself would be the best judge of what content he favors or not.

    I’m hoping he doesn’t give a shit about what ANY of us think regarding which content he should or should not decide for himself to put here, least of all you.

    If you’re worried about poor Ed, perhaps you should consider donating money to his site? or maybe buy his book when it comes out?

    or just shut the fuck up?