The GOP’s Own ACORN Problem

Florida has convicted two former employees of Strategic Allied Consulting, one of the many sockpuppet companies owned by Nathan Sproul, the Republican voter registration guru who has gotten in all kinds of hot water around the country, for voter registration fraud.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported Tuesday that the two ex-employees were charged with a third degree felony. But prosecutors back in January decided to place both of them on probation because neither has a criminal history.

Strategic Allied Consulting was hired by Republicans to do voter registration drives in Florida and other states. But last fall, the state party fired the company and took the additional step of filing an election fraud complaint against the company with state officials.

This does not end the investigation into Strategic Allied. There are four other cases across the state still under investigation according to FDLE.

But Frederick Petti, an attorney who represents the company, said he’s already been told by law-enforcement authorities that the investigation is focused on no more than six employees. He said Strategic Allied had roughly 2,000 employees in Florida and said the end result shows that the controversy was a “tempest in a teapot.”

“What this comes down to is that we had had a few employees who were not good employees,” Petti said. “They were filling out fake forms.”

Which is exactly the same thing that happened with ACORN. The difference, though, is that in every case where an ACORN canvasser was caught turning in fraudulent voter registration forms, it was ACORN itself that turned them in. As far as I know, that was not the case with Sproul’s company. And Sproul has been accused of far worse, both in Florida and elsewhere. One of the convicted canvassers in Florida says that he was told not to register Democrats, which is the same thing another of their employees said on tape saying to a prospective voter in Colorado.

After those problems in Colorado and Florida, the Republican National Committee made a big public show of firing Strategic Allied Consulting, saying that they would not tolerate such fraud. So SAC simply changed their name and kept right on going in as many as 30 states. And in Virginia, they just took the same employees from SAC and moved them in-house to continue the operation. A supervisor who worked first for SAC and then for the Virginia GOP was caught throwing voter registration forms in the garbage.

By any measurement, this is considerably worse than ACORN. So I’m sure the GOP will be pushing for a law forbidding Sproul and all of his dummy companies from getting any federal funds, right? And they’ll make sure that no Sproul-owned company, using any name, is working for them in 2014 and 2016, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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  • Gvlgeologist, FCD


    Or if you don’t get caught.

  • I guess the GOP was right – voter fraud is a problem.

  • Randomfactor

    OT–Ed, check e-mail.

  • raven

    Oregon Election Worker Fired for Altering Ballots to Republican …

    videocafe. crooksandliars. com › Blogs › David’s blog

    … candidates. In a press release on Monday, Clackamas County spokesperson Tim Heider said that 55-year-old Deanna Swenson. … November 06, 2012 07:40 AM … The only voter fraud being committed in this country is from the right.

    Most voter fraud and election fraud that I’m aware of has been from the Tea Party/GOP.

    This election worker was filling in blank spots on ballots for Mitt Romney.

  • lofgren

    Different because reasons.

  • Ichthyic

    I have to wonder just how bad a landslide FOR Obama the last election would have been, if rethugs weren’t trying to rig the elections to begin with, and not just with voter fraud, but with laws designed to make it harder for dems to vote, laws designed to disenfranchise entire groups and communities, and the immense amount of gerrymandering that has been used to maintain congressional GoP influence for decades now.

    would it have been as high as 70% in favor of Obama?


    the GoP simply should no longer exist as a functional political party within the US; the only reason it does is because of misrepresentation, gerrymandering, voter fraud, disenfranchisement, and frankly outright lies.

    I have predicted for 8 years now that the GoP will inevitably split along “ideological” lines. I have seen no reason to retract my prediction. In fact, the process seems to be accelerating.