Chambers: Bill Gates Wants to Depopulate the World

Dean Chambers, the genius behind those “unskewed polls” that predicted a landslide victory for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, continues to share the most idiotic things on his Facebook page. Like this meme that says: “Bill Gates wants depopulation through vaccines and health care.”


WTF? Preventing future births is not the same thing as depopulation, for crying out loud. And giving people the ability to live healthier lives free from debilitating disease and giving women more control over their reproduction is a good thing by any sane measure. Only a wingnut could turn this into a nefarious plot that must be stopped.

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  • lldayo

    I’m going to hell, I laughed at that picture :(

  • Raging Bee

    Is this guy also a contributor to ‘Cause I’m seeing the same level of in-your-face hysterical/testerical anti-vaxx, anti-science lunacy here.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    “Only a wingnut could turn this into a nefarious plot that must be stopped.”

    Well, there you go.

  • tommykey

    Because nothing says pro-life like not wanting to prevent the needless deaths of millions in the developing world by vaccinating them from diseases.

  • blf

    Weird… My comment seems to have vanished?

    Wasn’t anything too insightful, but still. Was something like this:

    Epidemics’R’Us (a.k.a. anti-vaxers) have been ranting about the Gates Foundation for some time now, due to its support for various vaccination programmes and vaccine research.

    (Apologies if this is a repeat or I posted it to the wrong thread or something…)

  • eric

    Chalk another one up to mathematical illiteracy – not understanding the difference between a decline in population and a decline in population growth. Or, maybe more likely, intentionally confabulating the two for rhetorical purposes.

  • Bronze Dog

    *headdesk* He wants to improve quality of life so that 3rd world parents can be confident their kids will live to grow up and thus they won’t have to breed like rabbits to beat the odds. These nutbars can’t seem to comprehend that they don’t take childhood survival for granted like we do in the first world. We’re trying to help them move them deeper into k-type reproductive strategy, where they can afford to invest more resources into raising fewer offspring with less fear of losing that investment to disease. If they can raise their fewer children better, they’ll be better equipped to pull their nations out of poverty and raise the quality of life further. Having fewer children also means fewer mouths to feed, so it’ll help cut down on famine, too.

    Humans aren’t like insects or unbalanced civilization strategy game abstractions. More is not inherently better.

  • fifthdentist

    I think The Onion should be getting nervous. Wignuts seem determined to push a satire version of the Overton window to the point that people won’t be able to realize the difference between Wingnut “reality” and actual satire.

  • Moggie

    “640K people ought to be enough for anybody”

  • Scientismist

    What’s so hard to understand? As Paul Ryan said a couple of days ago in an accidental moment of candor: “We are not going to give up on destroying the health care system.”

    About 40 years ago, on my first visit to San Francisco, a friend took me to services at the Catholic Cathedral there. It was “family day,” and the lesson taught was that families were valuable, not for the quality of life that they gave to their children, but for the sheer number of souls they cranked out for populating heaven. I was already an atheist, but I was shocked to learn how much evil could be done in this world in the name of a mythical world to come.

    I am convinced that many good religious conservatives really do see high population, disease, and early death as positive contributions to God’s Plan for saving souls.

  • Raging Bee

    640K people ought to be enough for anybody

    But my verion of Sims only works on a 512K machine!

  • alanb

    @lldayo: I’m going to hell, I laughed at that picture

    The picture is from He’s one of those “I never met a conspiracy theory that I did not embrace” kind of guys. As long as you’re going to hell anyway, you might as well go over there and laugh at some of his other stuff.

  • iknklast

    In the face of 7 billion people and a world groaning from the sheer size of the human population (exacerbated many times over by the excessive resource use in the richer countries), would depopulation be so terrible? And no, I’m not suggesting killing anyone. I simply think that seeing our population go naturally in the opposite direction (negative growth) for a while would be very good.

    But attributing that to vaccines to make people healthier – just wow.

  • fifthdentist

    Iknklast, read an article in Newsweek, IIRC, a week or so ago that said Japan (to the point that 2/3 of male teens there and 60 percent of females that age have no interest in sex) and much of Europe are on that trajectory, with the American mini-Depression putting us on a similar track.

    Meanwhile, the Raping Children Church is seeing its biggest gains in ensnaring the gullible into a new system of superstitious thinking in Africa. Coincidence?

  • Phillip IV

    While this particular conspiracy theory can be debunked with greatest ease, since it’s Chambers the most appropriate answer would be the Republican one: “Shut up, Chambers. Gates is rich, he can kill as many people in Africa as he fucking wants to.”

  • caseloweraz

    That illustration is a hoot! It suggests that Bill Gates means to do all the inoculations himself. I am reminded of an old Saturday Night Live skit about a Nazi superman: “Uberman kills every person in England! (U.S. next)”.

    Then there’s the expression on his face. He looks like the steerotypical mad scientist. Does Melinda know?

  • Taz

    Won’t somebody think of the non-existent children!

  • janiceintoronto

    You know, you just couldn’t make this stuff up…

  • d.c.wilson

    What is it about wingnuts and this idea that the human race will disappear of we aren’t breeding like cockroaches? I get that religions want to encourage more reproduction since outbreeding competitors is one way for your particular brand can dominate, but FFS! We’ve got 7 billion people already sharing this rock!

    If anyone wanted to depopulate the planet, they’d be better off encouraging massive reproduction, pushing the population over the ten billion mark until we’ve exhausted the globe’s resources.

    Then you’ll see the population drop real fast as billions face massive starvation.

  • Abdul Alhazred

    Well …

    Bill Gates is an eccentric billionaire and yet *not* a super hero.

    Ergo … a super villain.

    QED :)