Police Accused of Planting Drugs on Video

An Atlanta TV station reports on a case in Decatur, Georgia where a man who was arrested for marijuana possession has accused the police of planting the drugs on him — and he says a nearby surveillance camera shows it happening. I’d sure like to see the full video, but you can watch a bit of it at the link.

A man who claims a police officer planted drugs on him will have the charges dismissed one day before his case was set to go to trial.

But the DeKalb County Solicitor General’s Office said the dismissal has nothing to do with a surveillance video Alphonzo Eleby said proves the officer set him up…

His attorney said surveillance video from the location shows the officer call the officer guarding Eleby over to the SUV he had been searching.

As she searches the vehicle, Zenobia Waters said the video shows the officer circle back to her client and toss marijuana next to him. She said the officer then picks the drugs up and repositions them.

“I was shocked,” Waters said.

“And then he stands up and yells, ‘Look what you tried to throw,'” Eleby said.

The prosecutor’s office says they’re dropping the charges not because of the video but because the police department “could not produce the alleged marijuana.” That alone suggests a real problem, don’t you think? The Atlanta PD drug unit was disbanded many years ago after a fatal killing of an elderly woman led two of the officers to admit that the officers routinely carried drugs in the trunks of their patrol cars to plant on people, so this should hardly be surprising. It’s standard operating procedure in many police departments.

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