Starnes: Why Won’t Obama Do What He’s Already Done?

Todd Starnes, Fox News’ halfwit attack dog, asks the question, “Why Won’t Obama Call for Iran to Release American Pastor?” It must be because they’re anti-Christian, of course, because that’s the persecution narrative the religious right is always pushing.

The wife of an American pastor held captive in an Iranian prison for nearly a year said the Obama Administration has not done anything to help free her husband – and the law firm representing the family believes it’s because the pastor is a Christian who converted from Islam.

That law firm, by the way, is the American Center for Law and Justice, which routinely lies about those they consider their opponents. And now, a message from…Fox News itself just a few weeks ago:

Although the U.S. does not have diplomatic relations with Iran, National Security Council spokesperson Bernadette Meehan said in a statement Sunday the administration is “deeply disappointed that Saeed Abedini has been sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran on a charge related to his religious beliefs.

“We condemn Iran’s continued violation of the universal right of freedom of religion and we call on the Iranian authorities to release Mr. Abedini.”

Meehan added that the State Department remains in close contact with Abedini.

The State Department also called for Abedini’s release.

You mean the reality is exactly the opposite of what Starnes and the ACLJ pretends that it is? How entirely unsurprising.

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  • d.c.wilson

    Wingnuts never care about what the real Obama does. They’re too watching what Clint Eastwood’s imaginary invisible Obama is doing.

  • d.c.wilson

    “Too busy” that is.

  • John Pieret

    Hey, I know … they want Obama to sell Iran arms in exchange for Abedini … the way Saint Ronnie did!

  • TCC

    To call Todd Starnes a halfwit is to greatly overstate his wit.

  • matty1

    Yes but it’s still true because Obama hasn’t personally told Todd Starnes he’s against this, and if he had it would still be true cause Obama hadn’t flow to Tehran and busted her out of jail, and if he had done that… Look criticism of Obama is true by definition.