CPAC ‘Infiltrated’ by People They Banned

One of the hallmarks of wingnuts is that no one but them is ever pure enough. It apparently isn’t enough that CPAC banned GOProud and other gay conservative groups from the conference, apparently, because even after doing that Cliff Kincaid and Bryan Fischer still claim they’ve been infiltrated by them:


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  • nigelTheBold, also Avo


    Wow. Paranoia, coupled with No True Scotsman, with a dash of Corrupted Bodily Fluids.

    There’s something missing. Maybe I can get one, just one, possessed by demons. Please?

  • John Pieret

    CPAC banned the gays to hide the fact that the gays are running the place. It’s all so simple if you just put the cart before the horse’s ass.

  • Strewth

    nigel, I’m sure you can get a ‘socialized medicine tracking chip implant’ at least.

  • nigelTheBold, also Avo

    Strewth, that’d be close enough. Socialized medicine is of the debil. I mean, in spite of Jesus* not asking for insurance cards before doing his faith-healing schtick.

    Or did he?


    * Mention of Jesus not intended to imply actual existence of Jesus

  • Modusoperandi

    Technically, this qualifies as part of their outreach program.

  • regexp

    They may of been “banned” from the conference but they were still at the conference. The guy who runs GOProud was even on a CPAC panel and gave several interviews.

  • tommykey

    I remember reading a post someone wrote last year about self-identified CPAC attendees who had “meetup” ads posted in the Men Seeking Men section of Craigslist.

  • Phillip IV

    Of course this will only reaffirm Bryan Fisher’s conviction that it isn’t enough to just ban gay organizations from public participation – you have ban gay people.

  • fifthdentist

    Just curious if there are enough gay men who self-identify as Repubican/conservative to make a difference in any election.

    Not that it matters. Republicans have been pissing much larger swathes of the electorate. In fact, this seems to be the one thing they can truly do with any competence. And then they act all surprised when those groups overwhelmingly support Democrats.

    “Why won’t those people we demonize vote for us? Oh, fuck it, let’s just make it where they can’t vote. Problem solved! Whose turn is it to pay the luggage handlers tonight?”

  • tommykey

    @ Fifthdentist, when you look at the Electoral map, the right wing Republicans seem to have a lock on certain areas in the country where they can be as radical as they want to be without apparently any fear of repercussion in those locales. If you are are a hardcore conservative Republican in Mississippi, you don’t feel like you’re losing at all. Witness all of these radical antichoice bills they are pushing and in some cases enacting into law. They do it because they know they won’t have to pay a price for it.