Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Spencer vs CPAC

One of the things I find endlessly amusing is watching the really really far right attack the really far right as not being crazy enough. Robert Spencer and his pal Pam Geller do this whenever anyone on the right even suggests that maybe they’ve taken things a bit too far, accusing them of being tools of the global Islamic caliphate. Like CPAC, for instance, which Spencer declares is now “Sharia-compliant” because, for the first time in years, he and Geller didn’t get invited to speak.


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  • fifthdentist

    Seems to me like the marketplace of ideas (such as those expressed as CPAC were) has spoken and left rejected theirs. Why does Spencer hate America? Is he some kind of commie-nazi? I’m not saying he is a Communist Nazi, I’m just asking questions here.

  • jnorris

    That means those who did speak at CPAC are a bunch of Secret Muslims! Sarah Palin is a S_____ M______!

  • matty1

    Ah yes that obscure passage in the Koran “Thou shalt not invite Robert Spencer to speak at CPAC in 2013”. Clearly this is the only reason anyone could have for his not being a headliner.

  • Phillip IV

    In Pam Geller’s world, everyone who doesn’t take her serious is a secret Muslim, making “Secret Islam” the large faith community on the planet.

  • democommie

    I can see the two of them wearing their berets, smokin’ gauloises’sz and gleefully cranking out copies of their latest jeremiad on their 50’s era mimeograph machine. I love the smell of duplicating fluid in the morning, it smells like, VICTORY!

  • redmann

    In Pam Geller’s world, everyone who doesn’t take her serious is a secret Muslim, making “Secret Islam” the large faith community on the planet.

    She once called me a “pinko commie” after I emailed her when she started deleting my comments on AtlasDrugged

  • dan4

    If I remember correctly, about a year ago, Geller even went a bit further than this when she said, on the Janet Mefford show, that simply criticizing her for her anti-Islam rhetoric/activities was a form of “Shariah law.”

  • blutexan

    How has it been missed that Geller went off on lawyer Orly for repeatedly asking questions about Pres Obama’s birth certificate at Gellers’ Islamaphobia talk?