Peterson: Obama’s Mother Made Him Anti-White

Jesse Lee Peterson, the guy who thinks that women should not be allowed to vote, went on TruNews with Rick Wiles, which is quickly becoming the go-to place for people who make even other wingnuts cringe, and claimed, admittedly without evidence, that President Obama’s mother hated white people and taught him to hate them too:

Wiles: I voted for Alan Keyes years ago and I didn’t see the media going out there and whipping up guilt and telling white people: ‘you people should vote for Alan Keyes, he’s a black man.’ Alan Keyes is a real black man, okay? To be very precise, Barack Obama is not the first black president he is the first mixed-race president. He is fifty percent white and fifty percent black, there is nothing wrong with that and this is a wonderful thing that a mixed-race person was elected. But when I criticize him I just tell people, ‘I’m not criticizing his black half, I’m criticizing his white half.’ He was raised by white people and he was raised by white people who were connected to the New World Order. That man had a silver spoon in his mouth. He was not raised by a goat herder in Kenya, he was raised by his white family and they had connections to the New World Order and nobody wants to talk about this.

Peterson: I don’t think that Obama even identifies with the white aspect of himself. His mother, she hated her color, she hated being white and I’m thinking, I don’t have a whole lot of proof of this, but I do know she hated her color, hated being white. I think he may have been brought up not to accept that side of himself and that adds to him being a racist because he doesn’t really respect white folks.

Wiles: It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, it is because he is red inside; he is a Communist, that’s the problem.

Peterson: It’s all spiritual. I tell people all the time, our battle is a spiritual battle; a warfare between good and evil and Barack Obama is evil.

An evil racist connected to the New World Order. That’s a delicious word salad.

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  • Ben P

    Connected with the new world order? Interesting….

    Obama does have an interesting family, his mother has a PhD in Anthropology and spent a substantial amount of time in the field. It’s a little speculative, but I think you can see the influence of having an Anthropologist as a mother on Obama’s personality, he seems very much to have a sort of detached, observe and try to understand sort of personality.

    Obama was also raised by his maternal grandparents, where his grandfather managed a furniture store and his grandmother was a vice president of a small to medium sized bank. Obama attended the Punaho school, which is the elite private school in Hawaii, although there are reports that he had a scholarship to do so. Either way, I don’t think you’d say he had a silver spoon in his mouth, but I think that is a solidly middle to upper middle class upbringing.

  • doublereed

    Ugh, the whole lesson of Barack Obama being mixed race and still being the first black president is that the whole race myth is stupid, outdated BS!

  • F [nucular nyandrothol]

    I never met Obama’s mother, and I hate a metric fuckton of white people on principle. Where does that put the Peterson Hypothesis?

  • pianoman, Heathen & Torontophile

    I’m not sure what pisses me off more about this: that for the 2435th time the Tinfoil Hat Brigadiers have concocted yet another unfounded claim to make against the President or that we have another attempt to smear his mother – who is unable to defend herself – simply because she’s the secret Muslim’s mother.

  • abb3w

    @-1, Peterson

    I don’t have a whole lot of proof of this, but I do know

    …is there anything that could be put after this phrase without being imbicilic, other than “I need to find some or shut up”?

  • shallit

    Actually, even by the ridiculous “50% black” calculus standards of Rick Wiles, Obama is more than 50% African, since on his mother’s side he is descended from African slave John Punch.

    Of course, in reality we’re all Africans, but there’s no telling that to wingnuts.

  • slc1

    Mr. Brayton just doesn’t get it. To the racists and the whackjobs, the only proof that Ann Dunham didn’t like white people is the fact that she married a black man.

  • “It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, it is because he is red inside;”

    Aren’t we all red inside? Unless you’re a Vulcan, then you’re green inside.

  • Sastra

    Peterson: It’s all spiritual. I tell people all the time, our battle is a spiritual battle; a warfare between good and evil and Barack Obama is evil.


    Sorry. I’ve just been listening to a bunch of people insisting that spirituality is nothing, nothing at all like religious bigotry — the solution for this bigotry being spiritual in nature. Can’t go wrong if you know “it’s all spiritual.” *snort*

  • Larry

    I don’t have a lot of proof of this but Jesse Peterson is a Grade AAA asshole who couldn’t recognize facts if they came up and bitch-slapped him raw.

    Oh, wait, maybe there is proof after all.

  • New World Order? Does he mean the pro-wrestling outfit? Obama should have capitalized on that. I assume this silver spoon was filled with money from silver food stamps. The claim that Obama was born rich is just as odd as the rest of it.

  • laurentweppe

    300 words which boils down to calling Obama’s mother a nigger lover

  • caseloweraz

    “Aren’t we all red inside? Unless you’re a Vulcan, then you’re green inside.”

    Andorians, of course, are blue inside — and pretty much outside, too.

    And “Anti-White” sounds like something to counteract that stuff that was fed to the Jem-Hadar. But where did Obama’s mother get the formula? Oh, right; she has ties to the “New World Order.” Presumably via time machine, since the NWO does not currently exist.

  • The thing I find endlessly fascinating is this idea that Obama’s mind is some kind of enigma that can only be deciphered through wild speculation about his parentage or upbringing. So far, we have:

    1. Obama inherited anti-colonial and communist views from the father he scarcely knew.

    2. Obama’s real father was a communist and that somehow transmitted a genetic propensity toward communism.

    3. Obama’s real father was Malcolm X and that somehow transmitted a genetic propensity toward hating whitey.

    4. Obama’s real father was some other guy named Barack Obama but not the Barack Obama Sr everyone knows about and that shows, hell, I have idea.

    5. And now, of course, his mother taught him to hate white people.

    None of these people have any basis for these claims, just a pathological need to project all of their fears of “the other” onto him and an inability to accept that the black man with the foreign sounding name is actually a pragmatic centrist.

  • Note Peterson’s bullshit “He was not raised by a goat herder in Kenya….” line. A minute on Wikipedia would show his father was an economist. Nice dog whistle.

  • slavdude


    And I think Orions are orange inside, while being green outside. Of course, the orange part comes from one of the many hundreds of Star Trek novels that have cluttered the bookshelves since the first ST movie came out. Still…

  • iangould

    “That man had a silver spoon in his mouth.”

    Yeah, those early years living in Indonesia immediately after a military coup must have been a blast even mroe fun than being raised by a single mother on welfare.

  • iangould

    “Note Peterson’s bullshit “He was not raised by a goat herder in Kenya….” line. A minute on Wikipedia would show his father was an economist. Nice dog whistle.”

    Also, in traditional East African societies, the pastoral nomads were the political and economic elites ruling over the settled farmers.

    When Nelson Mandela says he grew up herding his grandfather’s cattle that’s true – but the context is that his grandfather was one of the most powerful hereditary leaders of the Xhosa people and cattle are a traditional symbol of wealth and political power.

    Herding goats or cattle is part of the standard upbringing of African nobility. Kinda like how Mitt Romney tried to make a big deal out of those cold-water flats he lived in while taking his multi-year holiday (sorry “mission”) in France.

  • dan4

    “…who were connected to the New World Order.”

    Huh? Can someone translate this for me? I don’t speak RickWiles-ese.

  • @dan4

    The New World Order is a constellation of conspiracy theory beliefs about a secretive global moneyed elite cabal who run the world as they please, commit evil acts for selfish ends, and try to keep the public in a state of compliant stupor so as to be better consumers and not question their leaders. Which is actually not that far off from reality, more’s the pity. In fact the name comes from George Bush Sr. having used the phrase “New World Order” in a speech justifying why he had to go bomb Iraq the first time after they invaded Kuwait and Bush refused to deal with the problem through diplomacy like a grown-up (Saddam was ultimately at fault, but Iraq wasn’t the party that was completely refusing to find a diplomatic solution).

    The problem with the sort of belief systems of the sort of people who like to accuse people of being “part of the NWO” is that they tend to massively overestimate the power of the political and media elite to absurd lengths. So it’s not enough merely to say that Obama has bought into the “NWO” agenda as part of his political maturation and the filtering process by which other elites who buy into the same belief system accepted him as one of their own. Noam Chomsky covered this decades ago in Manufacturing Consent.

    No, that’s not nearly cabalistic and Evil (“Eeeevil, as in the fruits of the devil”, to steal a line from So I Married an Axe Murderer) enough for Obama to merely have become part of the elite downpressers of the NWO through ambition and intelligence (along with the requisite lack of any moral scruples that seems to be a POTUS job requirement these days). No, Obama’s birth and rise to power had to have been meticulously scripted and plotted out in advance as part of some massive “Elders of Zion” style world manipulation project as foretold by the Holy scripture that is the Left Behind series of novels.

    The difference between NWO conspiracy and reality (IMHO) is that the world is the way it is because of greedy people sometimes working togethers and sometimes against each other, and the NWO people believe there has to be some sinister supernatural force behind it that can only be fought by the power of Jebus and hate/fearing black people.

  • Ben P

    Shorter version of the “New World Order.”

    It’s a conspiracy theory where people believe “the elite”(tm) are conspiring to create a totalitarian government with power over the whole world.

    As Jake Hamby suggests there’s a lot of variation, but common themes include the UN (including “agenda 21,” which rather than a set of some banal sustainable development goals is a secret plan to control the world), the illuminati and various other “rich and powerful” groups (trilateral commission, bilderburgers, rothschilds, skulls and bones etc)., freemasons, the federal reserve, Wall Street, a healthy dose of “liberal media” fear. and as often as not the “New World Order” plays a part in some rapture scenario, where the leader of this supposed worldwide government will be the anti-christ, and do various silly things (like re-building a temple in Israel) to bring about the end times.

  • slc1

    Re Ben P @ #21

    Not to leave out the Council on Foreign Relations.

  • I thought President Obama’s mother made him half white, not HATE whites. Maybe I just misread that.

  • Yeah, Obama’s mom made him hate whites. And then Jesse Lee Petersen made him hate blacks.