Wingnut on Wingnut Love: Lennox v Agema

You may have heard by now of the furor over Dave Agema, a former state rep. here in Michigan and now a member of the Republican National Committee, posting a vicious, dishonest and homophobic screed to his Facebook page. Many Republicans in the state have called on him to apologize or even resign, but I had to laugh when I saw Dennis Lennox leading the charge.

Traverse City resident and Grand Traverse County Republican precinct delegate Dennis Lennox, 28, called the post “deplorable and indefensible.”

“This isn’t about what we believe politically or as men and women of faith,” Lennox said. “It is about common decency.”

Lennox, a former Cheboygan County drain commissioner, wrote a letter asking Agema to resign from his post with the GOP national committee. More than 50 other Michigan Republican precinct delegates, most younger than 40, have signed the petition, Lennox said.

“He doesn’t speak for us. We are not going to sit back and let him besmirch our party,” Lennox said.

Lennox is, to be perfectly blunt, a buffoon. He’s a standard issue frat boy Republican, straight out of central casting, with a history of making a complete ass out of himself. When Rep. Gary Peters was running for office and teaching at Central Michigan, where Lennox was a student, he practically stalked Peters, following him around campus with a camera constantly while shouting questions to him. He made quite a spectacle of himself. Peters, to his credit, just ignored him.

He was the leader of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at CMU and while in that position was a key ally of Kyle Bristow, leader of the YAF chapter at Michigan State University. He defended Bristow when he was criticized for bringing white supremacists, skinheads and racists like Nick Griffin to campus. So you’ll pardon me if I laugh my ass off at a repulsive little punk like Lennox pretending to be the voice of reason and moderation in the Michigan Republican party.

Agema is a first class ignoramus and a rank bigot, to be sure. But Lennox is scarcely any better.

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  • matty1

    From the article “it’s not the type of political rhetoric the Republican Party would have tolerated once upon a time”

    Was that in the mythical golden age when everyone was a straight white millionaire and women were happy never to leave the kitchen?

  • Akira MacKenzie

    No one ever lost political office underestimating the memory of the American voter.

    (Apologies to Mr. Mencken.)

  • ambulocetacean

    Where does Traverse City get off calling itself a city when it has less than half the population of Warrnambool?

    And if “drain commissioner” is being used as a pejorative, I would remind readers that it was Tyrion Lannister who fixed the drains at Casterly Rock.

    But seriously, Ed. Would you consider dropping the “crime” from “Wingnut on wingnut crime”? Talking nonsense is not a crime, and “Wingnut on wingut” with a colon will still get the message across.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Lo, the Great and Powerful Ed has answered ambulocetacean’s prayer!

  • ambulocetacean

    Hi Pierce. Ed actually changed the headline while I was typing my comment. I hit “submit” and saw that the object of my objection had vanished. What are the odds? But I do hope that he considers it.

  • “Wingnut on wingut” with a colon will still get the message across.

    I donno … showing lower intestines would get the point across about where these guys are getting this stuff but I don’t know if I want to see it.