Glenn Beck, Meet Peter Waldron

Glenn Beck says that the multiple investigations into alleged campaign finance violations by Michele Bachmann are being undertaken by Muslim Brotherhood members who have infiltrated the government. Hey Glenn, meet Peter Waldron, the Christian evangelical preacher and former Bachmann consultant who is really responsible for those allegations.

An evangelical missionary with a penchant for secrets — he was caught with an assault rifle in Africa and accused of being a spy — Waldron popped up in Des Moines in early 2011 to participate in the GOP primaries. He thought he’d be working for insurgent Republican Herman Cain. Instead, he met a tough-talking, born-again congresswoman from Minnesota whom he regarded as a kindred maverick spirit.

“From that point on,” Waldron said, “I was absolutely committed to Michele Bachmann.”

Waldron, 65, is now the man behind a pair of inquiries by the Federal Election Commission and the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, raising allegations of campaign finance violations that have given the four-term congresswoman more bad publicity than anything lobbed her way by the political left.

Close Bachmann associates write Waldron off as a loose cannon and disgruntled employee. But for Waldron, a former radio evangelist, his actions are consistent with his decades long mission to spread the word of God and follow his Christian precepts.

I have no idea what the truth is here. Waldron seems like a real kook to me, but so is Bachmann. And that is, after all, why we have investigations, to find out which side is telling the truth. But it sure as hell isn’t because he’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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  • raven

    It really sounds like Bachmann might not have paid Waldron all he was promised or thought he was owed.

    They always claim to be in it to save your soul. But they seem to mostly want a lot of money instead.

  • matty1

    Those Muslim Brotherhood guys are sneaky. What they really did was to recruit Michelle Bachman herself and get her to do those bad things to discredit, um, Michelle Bachman. Look it works if you think like a wingnut.

  • jnorris

    If the Muslim Brotherhood can infiltrate and control the Office of Congressional Ethics, then why don’t they infiltrated Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV and make him their sock puppet to discredit the anti-Muslim conservative and Tea Party radicals? If they haven’t already, just asking.

  • slc1

    Ah, Waldron is a CINO.