Fischer Knows About Our ‘Powers of Darkness’

Damn that Bryan Fischer. No matter how much we cover up the fact that we are all controlled by Satanic and demonic powers, he sees right through us. I’m afraid we may have to have Satan get rid of this guy once and for all. PZ can make that happen, right? He’s high-ranking enough, I think.


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  • Randomfactor

    Why would Satan want to get rid of Fisher? The guy’s making the Prince of Darkness look more and more like the sane man’s choice. Bwahahaha!

  • D. C. Sessions

    So he has deduced, with his amazing intellect and direct subnet to Allah, that there’s something sinister about the Left?

  • bumperpuff

    Poor Christians, always subjected to satanic hatred when they make bigoted posts on Facebook.

  • Captain Mike

    Let’s club together and send Bryan Fischer one of these hoodies:

  • Randomfactor

    So he has deduced, with his amazing intellect and direct subnet to Allah, that there’s something sinister about the Left?

    He’s quite adroit that way.

  • Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden


    I see what you did there.

  • anubisprime

    Pay attention my droogies…

    This is a very simple concept…

    That which a ignorant fool doth hate is always Satanic!

    That which the ignorant fool doth lurve’ always panders to bigotry, intolerance, hatred and fear in addition to being righteous, pinkish, fluffy and all over jeebussy is godly…

    See it is simples if you concentrate very hard!

  • shouldbeworking

    I’m sure that PZed can make Fischer an offer he couldn’t refuse. After all, PZed IS the Grande Fromage of the FtBully Gang, right?

  • magistramarla

    Interesting that he claims that xtians are being hammered on FB.

    I quit using FB because I got tired of being bullied by the right-wingers on there, including a son-in-law who has poisoned my daughter’s mind to the point that she bullied me too.

  • lsamaknight

    Are you sure that PZ is the one you want to invoke Satanic power? I’m fairly certain his his allegiance lies with beings of a more… tentacled nature.

  • dan4


  • rabbitscribe

    @11: It’s called Nadsat, a fictional language depicted in A Clockwork Orange

  • dan4

    @12: Thanks.